Make a note of these 10 products that every breastfeeding mother must have

This World Breastfeeding Week, let’s take a look at some of the most useful products that can be used by lactating mothers to make breastfeeding simpler.
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Dr Shreya Dubey Published: 3 Aug 2021, 09:30 am IST
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Motherhood is a whole new experience in a woman’s life, but nursing a newborn child can be a daunting task for new mothers, especially during the pandemic. For some mothers, breastfeeding does not come as naturally as it seems. Apart from that, the Covid-19 pandemic has made mothers and babies even more vulnerable to the disease. The situation worsens if the mother is infected by the virus. Under such circumstances, the challenge increases in terms of breastfeeding as well as keeping the newborn at a safe distance. 

There are various products available today to address the challenges of lactating mothers and make breastfeeding easier and safer during Covid-19.

1. Masks

This is a must-have during the pandemic to avoid the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask while breastfeeding would ensure less chance of transmitting the virus. If the mother is infected with covid-19, they must continue breastfeeding while wearing a mask. If they are not infected, it is still recommended to wear a mask while breastfeeding even after getting discharged from the hospital. It is important to isolate the mother and babies after getting home from the hospital to monitor their condition. It is also recommended that even if a mother has suspected or confirmed covid-19, the baby is kept with her in isolation and has skin-to-skin contact, while breastfeeding.

2. Sanitizers and disinfectants

It is important for breastfeeding mothers to sanitize their hands frequently. Sanitizers and disinfectants are handy products to keep the environment free from the virus. In case the mother has suspected or confirmed covid-19, they must use sanitizer each time, before engaging in physical contact with the newborn.

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3. Tissues and cotton napkins

As simple as it seems, tissues and napkins can help in reducing the chances of infection of covid-19 from the mother to the infant. Infected mothers must use tissues while coughing and sneezing. It must be kept at a reachable distance, while breastfeeding. Alternatively, cotton napkins can be used because they are softer than tissues and can be used to wipe the mouth or nose area of the babies. It is important to keep in mind to not touch the nose or mouth areas of the baby with bare hands.

4. Breastfeeding pumps

The product has become a savior for mothers who are nursing their newborn babies. While it is important for mothers to maintain social distancing during this pandemic, breastfed milk remains essential for the infant. A mother infected by covid-19 can use breastfeeding pumps. They are very beneficial to breastfeed the babies even when the mother is not around. A breast pump is also helpful if the baby is unable to latch well, while breastfeeding.

5. Plug-in steam systems

To ensure that the products used by the mother are infection-free, plug-in steam systems including steam boilers can be very beneficial to clean the breast pumps and bottles used by the babies.

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6. Sealable food storage bags

The products that are used for the baby such as bottles, spoons, bowls and breast pumps need to be free from any infection. To secure these products, mothers can keep them inside a sealable storage bag.

7. Incubators

If a mother is covid-19 positive and is admitted to the hospital, it is recommended to keep the baby inside incubators during the process of isolation. The incubators ensure that the newborn is not directly exposed to the infected environment and are immune from diseases.

8. Bumper pads

To maintain social distancing, the baby can be in a crib, if the mother is having symptoms. However, keeping the baby away can be inconvenient for the mother. Also, there are chances that the newborn can get hurt from the crib. Therefore, bumper pads can be used to ensure the safety of the child. Even if the babies are not kept in cribs, bumper pads can ensure that the baby is safe on the bed.

9. Nursing pillow

Breastfeeding can put a great amount of strain on the back and neck for mothers. A nursing pillow makes it easier for mothers to continue breastfeeding their child. It is kept on the mother’s lap ensuring that the baby is easily raised to the level of her breast.

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10. Nipple shield

Nipple shield is a multipurpose product, which creates a barrier between the mouth and nipples ensuring that the baby is not in direct contact with the infected mother. Apart from that, it also makes it easier for babies to feed and reduces the problem of sore nipples.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has increased the challenges of the new mothers, but as the world is coping and adjusting to the new normal, so are the breastfeeding mothers.

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