Expecting a baby amid the pandemic? These tips will help you stay healthy in 2022

Updated on: 9 January 2022, 13:40 pm IST

If you are pregnant during the pandemic, you need to be extra careful to stay protected from the Covid-19 virus. Here are some tips that can help you!

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Each year brings with it new hopes and desires. Despite our efforts to stay motivated, we continue to wish that the pandemic comes to an end. The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be a never-ending saga of disruption in all our lives, and hence it is now rather apt to use the term “living with the virus”. We need to learn how to live alongside the virus, without being majorly affected by it.

Expectant mothers need special attention in this regard, as the management and complications in pregnancy vary from person to person. Plus, the risk of miscarriages to sudden fetal demise increases with the incidence of Covid-19 infections. However, data is insufficient to completely enlist the risk increments. Pregnant women should take precautions to make sure the infection can be restricted, if not avoided, in pregnancy.

Here are 6 important tips for expectant mothers to keep in mind during the pandemic era:

  1. Social distancing

    When you are pregnant, relatives want to visit you much more. However, it is worthwhile to avoid as many visitors are possible, stay away from all kinds of crowds, and especially keep your distance from people with fever or known respiratory diseases. The time of pregnancy is filled with traditions and celebrations. Complete avoidance of celebrations like baby showers is a good idea. However, if you need to celebrate, keep visitors to a bare minimum, and insist on social distancing and wearing of masks for all visitors. If possible, have the functions conducted in open-air places.

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    Keep yourself safe from Covid-19, especially if you are pregnant. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  2. Covid-appropriate behaviour

    Avoid visits to crowded places like malls and markets. When you are in contact with other people directly or indirectly, please ensure your mask is secured properly and social distancing is maintained. Wash hands or use sanitizers frequently. Do not touch surfaces unnecessarily.

  3. Going back to workplaces

    With most workplaces and schools already reopened/in the process of reopening, it is possible that a few of you, who are pregnant will be called back to work. Though there are no specific guidelines to avoid pregnant women from rejoining, it is going to be of paramount importance that the covid appropriate behavior should be followed by the expectant mothers and their co-workers.

  4. Vaccination

    Now that Covid-19 vaccination is freely and easily available, it is better that all women are fully vaccinated before commencing the journey of pregnancy. If not, at least make sure vaccination is complete while pregnant. There are no restrictions associated with pregnancy and vaccination. The dosage and protocols are the same as non-pregnant women.

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  5. Improving general health

    Pregnancy leads to a lot of changes in the immunity of women, especially making them prone to infections. It is of utmost importance for all pregnant women to keep their health intact by proper intake of balanced food, and adequate consumption of fluids.

  6. Ensure proper antenatal visits

    While precautions are in place to make visits to your doctor as risk-free as possible, it is also prudent on the patient’s part to make sure that mandatory visits are not avoided for fear of infections. The consultations nowadays are in hybrid mode, where women can make their visits via online/in-house visits. Utilise the available facilities and ensure proper visits to the doctor.

    If symptomatic, make sure you get tested and consult your doctor, preferably online, for further instructions and care.

Dr Anu Joseph Dr Anu Joseph

Dr Anu Joseph is a consultant OBG and high-risk pregnancy and fetal medicine Kauvery hospital, Electronic City, Bengaluru.

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