Wow! Listening to music during pregnancy has these surprising benefits

Unborn babies exposed to music show significant improvement in their overall behavioural, sensory, mental, cognitive, development, among others.
pregnancy and music
Tune into music and reap the benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Usha Priyambada Published: 18 Feb 2022, 08:55 am IST
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Music is an integral part of our lives, and it can gain more important for a woman and her unborn baby during pregnancy. That’s because it has been proven that music has a role in brain development, even before birth. Listening to music has a soothing effect on pregnant women, besides having a positive influence on the unborn baby.

The little one hears its very first sound around 16 to 18 weeks of pregnancy, and by 24 weeks, the ears develop rapidly. In fact, babies have been shown to turn their heads in response to voices and noise. The last few months of pregnancy are significant as during this time an unborn baby can recognize their mother’s voice, her native language, word patterns, and rhymes.

Music and pregnancy: Is there a connection?

Listening to your favourite music will certainly brighten you up and cheer your mood. And if you happen to be pregnant, who knows, the baby inside could also be having a great time enjoying it too. According to medical experts, unborn babies exposed to music, while in the womb, show a significant improvement in their overall development, as compared to those not exposed to any music while they were in the womb.

listening to music during pregnancy
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Here are some of the benefits that listening to music during pregnancy can have on your unborn baby:

Researchers believe that while inside the womb, babies will be able to remember the music and sound heard. The same music can therefore be used to soothe your little one after birth. The baby will be able to recognize the sounds, and it will help to relax and calm them instantly.

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While a pregnant woman listens to music, the unborn baby will be able to hear the vibrations and respond to the same. This may help improve a baby’s reflexes and play a role in overall movement.

It is possible that while you listen to music during pregnancy, the baby may not understand it at this stage. However, they try to concentrate on sounds, and doing so, helps them improve their mental stimulation.

How does listening to music during pregnancy help the mother?

Besides having a soothing effect on the unborn baby, music has many benefits for expectant mothers as well. Studies have shown the positive effects of music therapy on sleep quality in pregnant women. It can also be beneficial in improving prenatal anxiety, lowering blood pressure in women with preeclampsia/pregnancy-induced hypertension, stress, and anxiety during labor amongst others.

listening to music during pregnancy
Listening to music can be calming for mothers. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

In addition, music is known to play a role in reducing the risk of prenatal and postnatal depression in pregnant women. Studies have also shown that listening to music before a planned cesarean helps to better deal with the stress and anxiety, before the procedure.

It’s time to progress melodiously through your pregnancy journey for better health of your unborn baby.

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