Sore breasts? It’s one of the 10 changes you will experience during pregnancy

Your body undergoes various changes during pregnancy and it’s totally normal. Read to know what all pregnancy has in store for you.
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Pregnancy is mentally and physically exhausting. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Baby Chakra Updated: 15 May 2020, 17:50 pm IST
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Yes, motherhood is a joyous experience for every woman, and there is nothing more precious than the moment you first meet your baby. But the journey to becoming a mother, well that can have a few bumps (pun intended) along the way!

When you first see those two lines on the home pregnancy test (or the plus sign), it can be a life-changing moment. And we don’t mean a change that will occur a few months down the line when you meet your little munchkin. The changes you will experience have perhaps been set into motion long before you even took the test.

As soon as the egg and the sperm meet, your body kick starts the process of preparing to house another being. What does this mean for you? Besides the slowly swelling belly, here are some of the common changes you will experience with your pregnancy.

1. Sore and enlarged breasts: One of the early signs of pregnancy is a tender and sensitive breast. Yes, it will be uncomfortable and you may feel like you are carrying a load on your chest, but we don’t blame you, it perfectly normal. Also, your breasts will start to grow in size as your pregnancy progresses. This change occurs in order to prepare your body for breastfeeding. So start the maternity-shopping list with some new comfortable bras!

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Ask your gynaecologist about how to deal with sore breasts during pregnancy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Mood swings: Find yourself tearing up because your newspaper was delivered late or crying buckets even when you see an emotional commercial? Blame it on the pregnancy hormones. If your spouse thought PMS was bad, then he is in for a roller coaster ride as your pregnancy hormones run havoc through your body and mind.

3. Sickness: This is one pregnancy symptom that you may have seen a million times in movies through the years. And no it’s not as clean as it looks in the movies. You cant just throw up and then getting about your business. Sickness can be real gruesome for some women unfortunately, and can continue throughout the day despite trying various remedies to keep nausea at bay. But the silver lining is that it subsides soon after the first trimester, or even earlier if you are really lucky

4. Constipation: This is another common change many pregnant experiences as they begin playing home to their fetus. And the blame rests on the increased intake of iron, usually, one of the key supplements women need to take in order to ensure their baby’s healthy growth.

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Constipation makes your life miserable during pregnancy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Skin changes: There’s a chance you may get to experience that exquisite pregnancy glow that everyone talks about, where your face is radiant, and your skin absolutely smooth. However, your hormones may also turn on you and give you acne or skin discoloration. But remember it’s not a permanent change and your skin will return to normal once the baby arrives

6. Digestion problems: The only time you are probably looking forward to enjoying guilt-free indulgences but heartburn raining on your parade? We hear you! Your expanding belly can make the other internal organs struggle for space, in turn causing a whole lot of heartburn and indigestion problems for you. Plus your pregnancy hormones tend to slow down your digestion too. The solution you ask? We say indulge – albeit with smaller meals at frequent intervals.

7. Water retention: Find that your rings don’t suddenly fit? Or that your favorite pair of flip-flops just seems too tight? Some amount of water retention is normal during pregnancy; however, by making a few changes like lowering your salt intake and increasing your water intake can help you reduce the extent of swelling you experience. If you do find that your ankles and fingers are swollen very noticeably, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor about it.

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8. Frequent urination: As your pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself, attending to your chores in between your trips to the bathroom. Yes, frequent urination is one of the many changes you will experience, and as you get bigger and your bladder feels more pressure, you might feel a little bit like a leaking dam. You can try some pelvic floor exercises to help you ease the pressure you might be feeling.

9. Weight gain: This is one change you have undoubtedly been expecting. And with the right nutrition and a healthy and active lifestyle, you can stay well within the normal range of weight gain that is expected during this time. The idea is not to get bogged down by the additional weight and instead find one healthy activity that you like. It could be walking, swimming or even pre-natal yoga. Not only will these activities get your endorphins going but it can also ensure a smoother pregnancy for you.

pregnancy weight
Don’t let the weighing scale move too much during pregnancy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

10. Varicose veins: Due to the increase in the blood volume during pregnancy your veins tend to enlarge and due to the enlarged size of your uterus the circulation does slow down. In some cases this process can cause your veins to swell and change color especially around the uterus and hips, causing a certain amount of pain as well. Your doctor will be able to best advice on how to alleviate this pain, but if you do have varicose veins, keeping your legs up as much as possible can also help with the circulation flow.

Think this information is a tad too much? Yes the list may sound discouraging, but believe us tide through these months and wait for the moment you finally meet your little angel, because we promise you this – it is one change that you will never get enough of! 6 Pearls of wisdom from a Mom to a Mommy-to-be

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