Shruti Haasan gets candid about period woes and PCOS, and how she dealt with it

Shruti Haasan finds it very upsetting that women are expected to take period cramps casually. Here's what she has to say on the matter.
Shruti Haasan
“PMS is a real thing”, says Shruti Haasan. Image courtesy: Shruti Haasan Facebook Page
Team Health Shots Updated: 17 Jun 2020, 09:20 am IST
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There was a time when no one even bothered telling adolescent girls about menstruation. However, conversations are now getting more progressive, thanks to all the millennials out there who have been outspoken about issues like PCOS, PCOD, menstruation, mental health, and sexuality. And Shruti Haasan is one of them.

In her latest interview with HT Brunch, Shruti candidly talked about her battle with PCOS and how things were miserable for her. Here’s everything the singer-cum-actor-cum-music composer has to say about the issue:

How too many painkillers to deal with menstrual pain
“I had debilitating pain from my very first period. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and dysmenorrhoea. Sometimes, the pain would be so bad that I would have to come back from school midway. From the usual Crocin to stronger painkillers like Meftal Spas, Spasmo-Proxyvon, I had tried everything. Nothing worked,” says Shruti. 

“I was even put on homoeopathy for a while. Finally, when I was around 18, I was prescribed birth control as a way to reduce the pain.”

She also elaborated that she wasn’t aware of the fact that oral contraceptives could have helped her relieve pain.

She said:

I had debilitating pain from my very first period. Finally, at 18, I was prescribed birth control as a way to reduce the pain!

According to Haasan, women take period pain for granted
She said that even her family doctor, who was also her grandfather’s friend, didn’t provide her with the right medicines that could have helped. She said that, “Sometimes, women dismiss the seriousness of their problems. Women as a sisterhood need to start talking among themselves!” Sadly, her mother was told that this problem won’t sort out until she will be married or have babies.  

Shruti’s solution to deal with PCOS
She said, “I don’t think marriage is a pill for any kind of ailment! But marriage, or rather, sexual intercourse is often a remedy prescribed by doctors. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s the worst remedy of all.”

She agreed with the fact that birth control pills might come with some side effects. She said, “I was never overweight and was always very active. This weight gain really impacted me. At that point, I was at a music school in Los Angeles, and my agility was dropping and impacting my life. The pains the pills were supposed to reduce may have been a little less, but it was still excruciating.” 

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Shruti Haasan. Image courtesy: HT Brunch

You should understand the effects of birth control pills before popping them
It was then detected that Shruti was dealing with hormonal imbalance as well and she says that people who make fun of PMSing should know that it is a real thing. She said, “There are many times that my hormones have decided my emotions. So for me, this has been a mental process to be calmer, and instead of forcing myself to feel better, letting my body be.”

She vociferously talked about the side effects of birth control pills. She said “I gain weight irrespective of how much I work out. For me, it is important to maintain a strict workout routine as well as a diet. I am on Metformin and I don’t consume processed food, caffeine, and alcohol.”

According to her women and men should be educated about how the female body works
She said, “In a country where sanitary pads are sold surreptitiously, it is important to start talking about periods!”

She also pointed out that even a man should be aware of a woman’s body. She said, “How does it matter what a person without a uterus thinks of my uterus? If they understand, that’s wonderful and an added advantage. In fact, I have always been blessed with very understanding partners, but sometimes even women dismiss the seriousness of it.”

Shruti Haasan. Image courtesy: HT Brunch

“Periods are different for different women. There have to be forums and groups to discuss PCOS and other period-related ailments, as well as female sexual health in general. Women’s bodies are magical, and I look at it as feminine energy. But as a woman who has gone through this all alone all my life, I know how important it is to start these conversations,” she concludes.

So the bottom line is…
Pain or no pain, it is always advisable to understand your body and it’s behavior before it is too late. According to nutritionists, there are various food and habits that can help you relieve period cramps and other reproductive problems but the point is that you should be ready to take a step.

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