Say goodbye hypertension during pregnancy by avoiding these 3 foods, reveals an expert

There are certain foods that you must avoid during pregnancy to reduce your risk of hypertension. Read on to know more
foods to avoid hypertension in pregnancy
Steer clear of these foods to avoid the risk of hypertension during your pregnancy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 16:02 pm IST
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No matter what, diet always has a huge impact on your health. What you eat, and what you avoid plays a major role in how healthy you are as a person. And when it comes to blood pressure, this is again the gospel truth. Sugary, salty foods or foods that are high in saturated fats, can very well increase blood pressure. 

Moreover, hypertension during pregnancy is a major concern among women. Dr Manisha Ranjan, consultant obstetrician & gynecologist, Motherhood hospital, Noida says, “High blood pressure or hypertension is quite a common condition during pregnancy, and it’s also a pivotal cause of maternal and fetal morbidity, and mortality.”

She adds, “In India, hypertension complicates up to 15% of pregnancies. Since hypertension is a lifestyle disorder, it is essential that we maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.”

So, If you are expecting a child, then avoid these 3 foods that will help you maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

1. Salt and sodium

Dr Ranjan says, “Foods with high sources of salt and sodium should be avoided. Packaged and processed food like pickles, canned soups, have the highest sodium content, and must be avoided at all costs.”

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that salt or sodium has a major effect on your blood pressure that also increases the chances of heart diseases.

tips to reduce salt intake
When it comes to salt and sodium, less is always more. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Excess sugar

Just like salt, too much sugar can also have a negative effect on your blood pressure. And a study published in the journal Nutrients also proves that added sugar has a direct link when it comes to increasing blood pressure levels.

So, even if you are craving for a bar of chocolate, try to control it or have it in moderation. “Excess sugar should be avoided if you have hypertension during pregnancy, as sugar can increase your blood pressure in several ways,” suggests Dr Ranjan.

3. Caffeine and caffeinated beverages

If you are pregnant and at risk of hypertension, then caffeine and caffeinated beverages are a big no! Dr Ranjan says, “Caffeine decreases the amount of water in your body and can lead to dehydration. This is not only bad for you, but is worse for your unborn child.”

Caffeine can raise your blood pressure, and if you have the issue of hypertension, then it is recommended that you stay away from these beverages to keep yourself and your baby safe. Instead, go for decaf or half-caff coffee or caffeine-free teas.

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While concluding, Dr Ranjan advises, “Eating mindfully is one major responsibility for a pregnant woman with hypertension.” So, ladies! Don’t forget these things and enjoy motherhood!

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