Dear women, working out in the morning can protect you from breast cancer

Physical activity, if done in the morning, won’t just keep you in shape but will have long-term health benefits in terms of preventing breast cancer.
prevent breast cancer
You can bring down your risk of breast cancer by doing just this one thing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 14 Oct 2020, 05:36 pm IST
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Who likes to voluntarily wake up early in the morning? Not many can yell a loud ‘yes’ to that question. In fact, managing to really get going after waking up early each morning can be a task for many. Most of us like to cheat a little and sleep an extra hour. 

There are days when we end up skipping breakfast because we couldn’t catch up on our sleep last night and end up sleeping in for a little too long. All in all, majority of us are guilty of building a sedentary lifestyle with no care for a healthy diet.

While those few extra minutes of sleep or lazing around might seem like they’re worth it, it all eventually catches up. Not being able to establish a sleep-and-wake cycle along with a lack of fixed meal timings can put us at risk of life-threatening diseases. You’d be surprised to know that breast cancer is one of them!

You can reduce your risk of cancer by exercising early in the morning

New research published in the International Journal of Cancer has found that those who manage to work out in the morning can reduce their chances of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

A team of researchers from Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), a centre supported by the “la Caixa Foundation”, and the Department of Epidemiology at the Medical University of Vienna found that not only is exercise good for you health—but doing so in the morning is what ensures long-term health.

Trust exercise to kick breast cancer’s ass. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

You see, our body is meant to function in a scheduled way in order to ensure that its internal functions can be executed smoothly. This schedule is known as the circadian rhythm which refers to not just your sleep-and-wake cycle but also your meal consumption timings. 

Let’s say, your body isn’t functioning according to schedule. This affects your internal processes. From hormonal balance to the production of new cells, everything goes for a toss. When the different organ systems don’t function like they should for a long period of time due to circadian disruption, it can lead to the development of cancer.

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The researchers who conducted the study found that those who work out in the afternoon and evening experience suppressed levels of melatonin, a hormone which is produced only at night and is responsible for regulating sleep. Now this is important, because melatonin is known as the hormone that can halt the spread of cancer.

The human body is well-oiled machinery but it definitely needs maintenance. All that your health demands of you is that you wake up in the morning for some hearty physical activity. Go for a run, do yoga or visit the gym. Small changes like shifting your workout routine to the morning can ensure you stay away from cancer.

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