Postpartum belly fat: 7 exercises for a flat belly post pregnancy

Recently had a baby, but still look pregnant? Try out these effective exercises to lose fat that has accumulated in your belly.
Postpartum belly fat
Ladies, it's not that hard to reduce belly fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 15 Jun 2021, 16:33 pm IST
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If you’re someone who has already delivered a child, but still looks pregnant — we understand your concern. It’s important to know that even though every pregnancy and delivery is different, most women gain weight in the post-delivery stage. But just the way it took nine months for your belly to expand to keep your baby safe, in the same way, it is going to take some time for your body to recover from pregnancy. But for that, you need to move your body! 

However, you need to understand that it might not happen as quickly as you would expect it to happen. But regular exercises can help, ladies! Yes, certain exercises can help you to reduce belly fat

Here are some exercises that will help your body lose all that belly fat:

1. V-ups

The V-up exercise is a full body move that works your core, leg, back, and shoulders. V-ups are known to be the ultimate belly fat cutter and what makes them more effective is the fact that they offer benefits of two moves– crunches and leg raises. If you’re looking forward to burning that belly fat after your pregnancy, this is going to be your go-to exercise.

Postpartum belly fat
Say goodbye to belly fat and hello to v-ups.
2. Plank

When it comes to exercise for a flat belly, plank tops the list. It is one of the best calorie- burning exercises, as it engages multiple muscles at once, thereby benefiting the core strength of your body. This, in turn, burns fat around your abdominal area. You can incorporate certain plank variations to involve more and more muscle groups to burn an increased number of calories. Here are three variations you can do:

  • Standard plank
  • Straight arm plank
  • Side plank

    Postpartum belly fat
    Tone up your abs and lose weight with these plank variations! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Bicycle crunches

One of the biggest advantages of doing bicycle crunches is that it helps to build and tone the upper abdominal muscles. This can give you a flat tummy when done correctly. It might sound like it’s really tough to perform sometimes, but it isn’t. So ladies, give this exercise a try!

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4. Flutter kicks

 Flutter kicks can surely tackle all that extra flab around your tummy. Yes, it is the ultimate lower abs fat cutter, but remember that speed and leg extension matters a lot, when it comes to flutter kicks. So, keep in mind both these things, while performing this exercise. 

Postpartum belly fat
Take the help of flutter kicks to tone up your belly! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. Mountain climbers

Now, if you think mountain climbers are easy to perform, let’s break it to you— this exercise will make your abs toned and how! In fact, this exercise perfectly combines core and cardio exercises that target your abs, shoulders, arms, chest as well as your belly. Thus, mountain climbers can help you lose all that stubborn belly fat that stays after pregnancy.

6. Burpees

If you’re tired of trying everything possible to lose belly fat after pregnancy, it’s time to go for burpees. This move targets every single muscle of your body and it isn’t just a great cardio exercise to lose belly fat, but also helps in muscle strengthening and toning. Simply put, it can turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

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Postpartum belly fat
Burpees is the baap of all weight loss exercises. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
7. Squats

With squats, you can burn fat and build muscles, if you perform regularly. Squats can help to lose fat all over, including the belly and thighs. 

Remember ladies, if you experience any kind of discomfort in exercising or experiencing heavy bleeding, do consult your doctor immediately.

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