PCOS Awareness: Beauty queen Divita Rai shares tips to manage the hormonal disorder

PCOS Awareness Month: Miss Diva Universe 2022 Divita Rai has revealed she suffers from the condition and shares tips for every woman.
Divita Rai on PCOS
Divita Rai reveals how she manages PCOS, Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 2 Sep 2022, 19:36 pm IST
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Each year in September, the world observes the PCOS Awareness Month, an event dedicated to increase awareness, education and advocacy of polycystic ovarian syndrome. A hormonal disorder, it is characterized by spike androgen levels, menstrual irregularities, and/or small ovarian cysts, which may hamper fertility among women. A lot of women suffer from PCOS, but only a handful may be actually aware of its symptoms. Over the past few years, some popular celebrities have started opening up about the battles with PCOS, giving a fillip to conversations around the condition. The latest celebrity to reveal her PCOS fight is the newly-crowned Miss Diva Universe 2022 Divita Rai.

Miss Diva Universe 2022 Divita Rai reveals she suffers from PCOS

In an exclusive Health Shots interview, Divita opened up about suffering from PCOS. Pointing out rough estimates that 1 out 5 women are facing this health issue, she underlined the importance of the right lifestyle to manage PCOS.

While she shared her 3 top tips to deal with PCOS, Divita also asserted that women must accept that “it’s okay to go through these things”. But what’s important is to talk about it.

“It brings in a community of women together and say, ‘It’s okay for you to have these problems. We are also here facing the same things, but together we can resolve this problem and get help!”

That’s the reason why even Divita shared some simple ways to manage symptoms of PCOS. It is otherwise not a health condition that can be permanently cured.

Watch Divita Rai’s exclusive interview with Health Shots right here!

Divita Rai shares 3 tips to manage PCOS

1. Reduce stress

“It’s important to not be under stress. Meditation really helps me,” the 24-year-old Karnataka-born girl tells Health Shots. Indulging in deep breathing exercises early in the morning and simply taking a few minutes to calm herself with “good thoughts and intentions” really works for her. “If you have positive thoughts, good things will naturally happen to you in life,” she adds.

2. Fitness

“When I exercise, I really feel recharged and refreshed to take on each day,” says Divita, for whom sports has been an integral part of her growing up years.

She has run a half marathon, but hopes to run the full marathon someday with the right training! As a school-goer, she was also involved in other sports.

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Divita shares, “When I was younger and because I was tall, I was pushed into basketball. I really enjoyed it. After basketball, I also took up badminton and swimming.”

She believes sports and fitness bring a world of difference to a person’s life.

“Sports really inculcates values of consistency, discipline and team spirit, and I think every child should experience sports early in their life,” she adds.

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Divita Rai interview with Health Shots
Divita Rai was an avid sportsperson during school days. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Healthy diet

Eat simple, eat healthy is Divita Rai’s PCOS diet mantra. “Honestly, I cannot do diets! The more you restrict yourself, the more you aren’t able to perform your best. You end up craving something more. It is important to exercise regularly, to eat healthy and to not put that unnecessary pressure on your body,” she says.

As someone who believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, she is all for “ghar ka khaana – dal-chawal, sabzi, roti”, and a mix of exercise.

Her pro tip to anyone who wants to be physically and mentally fit?

“Don’t restrict yourself. If you want to have a chocolate, have it! It’s okay. Don’t push yourself unnecessarily. Enjoy life… Food is there to nourish you and you must exercise to feel fresh. Being mentally fit is also important. If you’re mentally fit, everything else is a by-product of that!”

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