Lactating but not pregnant? This doctor reveals why your nipples are leaking

Is it breast milk that your nipples are releasing or something else? Read on to know more.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 03:51 pm IST
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You might find it quite shocking that your breast can ooze out milk, even when you aren’t pregnant. Women and even men can release a milky discharge from their nipples – and this condition is called galactorrhea or hyperlactation.

But why exactly does this happen? Well, overproduction of the hormone prolactin has a big role to play in this. Prolactin is a hormone that is produced in the brain by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the growth and development of our breasts. When pregnant, prolactin is stimulated to produce breast milk for the child.

Research studies are still being conducted, and not much is known as to why an increase in prolactin happens. 

In her recent Instagram video, millennial doctor and influencer, Tanaya Narendra aka Dr Cuterus has addressed this weird problem. She has highlighted some relevant causes for hyperlactation. Here’s what she has to say: 

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Four major reasons for a leaky breast, when you are not even pregnant

1. Hormonal imbalance
2. Stimulating your breasts way too much – this can be during sexual activity, frequent breast exams, or even your clothes rubbing against your breasts.
3. Certain medications
4. And lastly, due to a tumor

There are studies that also suggest that if you suffer from PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, you could suffer from this issue. Well, the reason is the same – hormonal imbalance.

Other than these four major reasons, the other causes that can contribute to this milky nipple discharge can be thyroid malfunctioning, disease of hypothalamus, and chronic stress.

There are other symptoms other than this that indicate hyperlactation. Here they are

1. Breast enlargement
2. Irregular periods
3. Acne
4. Abnormal hair growth
5. Problem in vision
6. Severe headache
7. Nausea

Ladies, there is no need to get paranoid, because Dr Cuterus says a doctor can help you tackle this problem with medication. 

Check her post out to know more:

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In case there is some underlying medical condition that is causing this, then your doctor will conduct several tests to detect the issue. 

So ladies, if ever you experience milky discharge from your nipples, then make sure to visit a doctor immediately. 

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