Keep an eye on these likely vision problems during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a series of changes in the female body that make them more vulnerable to certain eye problems.
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Dr Sandeep Buttan Published: 4 Jun 2022, 14:00 pm IST
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Do you know that women have a higher burden of visual impairment and blindness than men, primarily due to social and cultural factors? And pregnancy, which causes a series of changes in the female body, can make them more vulnerable to certain eye problems. The majority of these are minor, but they do require special attention because they may contribute to increased stress during that time. Therefore, it is important to ensure good eye health during pregnancy.

Here are the effects of pregnancy on eye health:

1. Blurred vision

It is a common symptom of pregnancy hormone swings and can continue during the entire pregnancy. However, when one sees floaters or lines in front of the eyes, it is important to visit the doctor for an eye check up. This will prevent any potential eye problems and overall health during the pregnancy period.

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2. Refractive error

It is one of the most prevalent disorders that women face during pregnancy. During pregnancy, higher levels of oestrogen and progesterone are linked to a higher risk of developing refractive defects (either myopia or hyperopia). The reason behind it is the fluid retention in the cornea, which is triggered by oestrogen and progesterone.

3. Intolerance towards contact lenses

Due to the enlargement of the cornea and pap changes, contact lens sensitivity is common during pregnancy. The hormonal changes also lead to dry eyes during pregnancy. Contact lenses can be uncomfortable, and pregnant women may want to take it off after a few hours because their eyes become quite dry. Therefore, it is important to get the eye specialist’s advice on the condition. Based on their opinion, you may discontinue the use of lenses for a while.

4. Glaucoma treatment during pregnancy

Glaucoma is an eye condition characterized by unusually high levels of fluid in the eyeball. This causes an increase in eyeball pressure, which can damage the optic nerve and cause vision loss.

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It is treated using a variety of medications. Although some are given as tablets, the majority are given as eye drops. To fully control their glaucoma, some people may need a combination of medications. When considering whether or not to use glaucoma medicines while pregnant, consider how vital they are to your health and vision versus any potential hazards.

Glaucoma must be treated properly during pregnancy because if left untreated or poorly controlled, it might result in permanent vision loss. 

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