Pregnant women may be more prone to falling! Here’s how to prevent it

Women may become more prone to slipping or tripping when they are expecting. Try these effective tips to prevent falling during pregnancy.
falling during pregnancy
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Prachi Tikkha Saraswat Updated: 16 May 2022, 17:48 pm IST
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Pregnancy brings in a lot of changes physiologically. So, taking extra care is a requisite. Falls, slips, jerks and bumps in pregnancy are not considered good.
Being a little attentive and cautious, and bringing a few minor changes may help
you to prevent falling during pregnancy to prevent any undesirable accidents.

The body also adapts itself to prevent fall as the baby bump is made up of
strong uterine muscles which guard the baby. Along with this the
amniotic fluid also works as a cushion to avoid the exposure of fall to the

falls during pregnancy
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Why are pregnant women more prone to falling?

In a ideal anatomical position, the center of gravity is located at the front of
second sacral vertebra bone (around navel level). However, in pregnancy, because of the increased mass in the front of body, the center of gravity moves further anterior (front), leading to the shift in balance, the body compensates for it
with excessive lumbar lordosis (increased arch in the lower back). The shift in
the center of gravity leads to imbalance. Another reason is also the release of
relaxing hormones that happens during pregnancy to make the uterus expansion
easier. However, at times, it also leads to ligament laxity in and around pelvic

How can you prevent falling during pregnancy?

Falls can be prevented by being a little cautious and following the below
mentioned measures.

1. Strength training:

Performing strength training on a regular basis helps in increasing the
stability. Lower limb body weight workouts must be performed everyday.squats,
lunges, heel raises, warrior’s pose,wall push ups,leg raises should be

2. Balance exercises:

Various exercises can be incorporated as a part of the exercise regime to focus
on balance and coordination, which will keep you away from falling during pregnancy.

* Tree pose is a balance exercise and is one of the most popular standing exercises practiced in hatha yoga. From the standing position, one of the leg is lifted, knee is bent and the foot is kept on the inner thigh of the opposite leg. The hips are open and the knee is pointed towards the side. Hands are typically held overhead with elbow straight in a clasped position.the position can be held for 20-40 seconds and should be repeated on opposite side.

* Tandem walking is an easy exercise that can be performed anywhere. In this
exercise, one needs to put the heel right in front of another toe and this
follows in each step taken while walking.

* Swiss ball exercises: Inclusion of Swiss ball exercises also helps in increasing the balance and coordination. Sitting on a Swiss/gym ball , performing circular pelvic movements, moving pelvis front and back, forming a figure of 8 while sitting on the ball. other than the Swiss ball,  a peanut ball can also be incorporated into
daily practice.

  • Other balance exercises: Merely standing on one leg with eyes closed, walking sideways, walking with random turns in between are examples of other balance exercises that can be incorporated as a part of daily routine.

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yoga for pregnancy
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3. Anti-skid equipment:

There are specific mats known as anti-skid mats that can be placed in risk areas
like kitchen, washroom that will help in preventing falls. Anti-skid socks
(Non-slips socks)are also one of the ways of prevention. These socks have
grooves like thread patterns on the sole to prevent slips and create more
friction especially while walking on smooth surfaces and tiles.

4. Footwear:

Last but not least, footwear plays an important role in everyday life to prevent
slips inside and outside the house. The sole should be cushioned and the
exterior of the footwear has enough grooves to create friction. Special anti-
skid footwear can be worn while walking in the rain, or on uneven surfaces.
Following a couple of strength and balance exercises along with few lifestyle
modifications, falls can be prevented in pregnancy.

A word of caution – you must consult your primary doctor and physiotherapist
before starting any form of exercises.

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