Here’s why physiotherapy is beneficial for new mothers

The transition to being a new mother is overwhelming for the body. That’s when physiotherapy for new mothers is highly recommended.
physiotherapy for new mothers
Dear new moms, don't ignore your health. Image courtesy; Shutterstock
Shalini Nair Published: 5 Jun 2022, 15:22 pm IST
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Being a new mother is a huge transition for every woman. During this time, everything seems exhausting, especially the first six weeks of the postpartum period is probably the hardest. While there are chances that most of the physical signs and symptoms ease up by the end of this period, some symptoms like sore back and arms may still persist due to constant breastfeeding. Another substantial thing that a new mother might notice is the floppy tummy.

So, even a small physical activity like a walk inside the room, a moment alone, walking outside in nature, a good stretch with music, can help to boost up the energy levels while promoting mental health and well-being. New mothers, during this period, can also take help of an OBG physiotherapist, who can give a customized exercise protocol to help with all the persisting physical symptoms post-delivery.

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Physiotherapy for new mothers

According to recent studies, postpartum exercise improves aerobic fitness, insulin sensitivity and mental well–being of the new mother. In the absence of any medical complications or contraindications, exercises in the postnatal period are safe and desirable.

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For instance, new mothers often feel pain in the neck and the upper back region. It might be due to poor posture during breastfeeding. In that case, a physiotherapist can help with stretching and posture correction exercises, and also advise the  right feeding posture for a comfortable breastfeeding journey for the next few months.

Secondly, the physiotherapist will check for Diastasis recti (separation of stomach muscles during pregnancy). It is very important to close the separation post-delivery or it might lead to various issues like constant back pain, floppy stomach and even umbilical hernia in the long run. Based on the separation level, the physiotherapist will be able to provide a customized exercise program. Similarly, certain common postnatal musculoskeletal issues like wrist pain, elbow pain, back pain, knee pain, and heel pain can all be corrected with a simple exercise routine.

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Don’t be afraid to ask help

All mothers should realize that taking care of the baby is super important but it’s equally important to care for themselves too as a happy and healthy mother is equal to a happy child.

Last but not the least, all new mothers should ask for help when needed. There are millions of things that can be delegated to family and friends. Be a part of the new mother/parenthood community as there are many who share the same experiences as you.

There is no clear way to be a perfect mother but there are thousand ways to be a good one.

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