Here’s everything you need to know about hyperemesis

Being pregnant isn’t easy. From morning sickness to dizziness, you have to deal with everything. There’s another problem that’s a little more severe, and you should know how to deal with it. Yes, we are talking about hyperemesis.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 24 Jun 2021, 10:52 am IST
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Pregnancy leads to a lot of changes in your body. Of course, the major changes revolve around hormones. That’s why pregnant women experience symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, and more. But the situation can literally go out of hand, if these things are not controlled. Because in severe situations, it can lead to something called hyperemesis. 

Although it might not be dangerous, the after effects can have certain repercussions that can make the pregnancy quite problematic. That’s why it’s high time pregnant women understand this problem and learn the ways to deal with it, instead of taking it for granted. So, come let’s understand what hyperemesis is.    

What is hyperemesis?

 According to Dr Veena Aurangabadwala, Gynaecologist, Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur, hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is an extreme form of persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Yes, that is right! It can invite serious health issues like dehydration, weight loss, and even electrolyte imbalance. Moreover, morning sickness can be defined as mild nausea and vomiting that occurs in early pregnancy. HG and morning sickness are not the same. So, beware of it. 

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What are the causes of hyperemesis?

“This condition is connected to the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This is a hormone that is created in the body during pregnancy. Your body produces a large amount of this hormone at a rapid rate during the early pregnancy days. Not only this, its level continues to rise throughout one’s pregnancy. It can be seen more often in those women who are pregnant with more than one baby, if you are conceiving for the first time or are overweight,” explains Dr Aurangabadwala. 

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 Here are some signs that you should keep an eye on

If you have red flags like persistent nausea, even after taking medication prescribed by the doctor, and are suffering from poor appetite and vomiting episodes that occur more than 4-5 times a day, the tendency of becoming dehydrated, feeling light-headed, and even dizzy is highly likely. Other symptoms can be extreme weight loss. 

“All these symptoms are sure to take a toll on you by stealing your peace of mind. Its treatment will vary from person to person. So, consult the doctor and only then take any medication. Self-medication is a strict no-no,” says Dr Aurangabadwala.

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Can it be prevented? 

It is not possible to completely prevent HG, but, it is possible to take some vital measures to avoid morning sickness. Want to know what to do? Then, we will tell you here. Try to eat smaller but frequent meals. Do not overeat, do not eat and sleep immediately, avoid eating spicy, oily, processed, and canned foods and eat bland food. Take iron supplements after consulting the doctor. One can also opt for ginger to prevent nausea. You will be given anti-nausea drugs that you will have to take. 

This condition will strike during the first trimester and will go away on its own. You can even take the help of support groups and talk to other moms, who have dealt with this condition during their pregnancy.

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The last word

Do not fear or panic. This condition will not cause any harm to the baby. Stay positive, be fearless and embrace a healthy lifestyle. After all, all you want is to have a healthy baby. But, if you take any medication without the doctor’s knowledge, it can be dangerous for your baby.

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