Freida Pinto opens up about her ‘wild’ postpartum ride, gives new moms a ‘prep’ talk

In between taking care of your little one and embracing the changes in your body, a new mother’s postpartum journey has its ups and downs. Actress Freida Pinto has opened up about her own.
Freida Pinto
Read on how Freida Pinto finds peace in her chaotic postpartum life. Image courtesy: Instagram | Freida Pinto
Shifa Khan Published: 15 Dec 2021, 16:30 pm IST
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If you’re a new mother and it has been an overwhelming journey so far, fret not! This new journey has got its ups and downs. Mothers may undergo a lot of scrutiny and self-doubt when it comes to parenting. Questions like ‘am I doing this right’ or ‘Do I need to feed my baby more?’ or ‘What did I get myself into?’ may often fog your mind. Celebrity moms are no different. Freida Pinto, an actress known for her fresh and bold roles, recently took to Instagram to open up about her rather bumpy postpartum journey.

Sharing a picture of herself caressing her baby, she gave an insight into her own postpartum experience in the caption. If you’ve been living under a rock, Freida married Cory Tran, an adventure photographer, secretly during the pandemic. She is now a new mom to a baby boy, whom she has named Rumi Ray.

Freida Pinto’s postpartum journey

“The postpartum journey has been one of the most intense and wild rides I have ever been on. It felt like the months of being pregnant and even childbirth were little appetizers to this grand main course. Preparation was so key to this life-altering phase of mothering and I feel so proud, relieved and blessed to have walked into it with knowledge, research and support,” wrote Freida.

Explaining to new mothers the meaning of being ‘postpartum prepared’, she urged her fans and followers to consider these drifting feelings as normal.

According to her, postpartum certainly doesn’t mean:

1. You won’t feel sad, lonely, frustrated, and helpless at times.
2. Or that you will be wonderfully rested and have no sleep deprivation.
3. Or that you won’t snap at your well-intentioned partner and break down in tears.
4. Or that your nipples won’t be sore and that for some of us our toes will curl every time our little baby birds open up their sweet mouths to latch.
5. Or that you will never doubt your milk supply or for some, be worried about being judged for choosing the formula route.
6. Or that your vagina and the rest of your lady parts will look and feel exactly the same again as before.
7. Or that your energy levels will always match the nonstop effort you have to put into nourishing that little life.

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How to be prepared for your postpartum period

Further elaborating her journey of becoming a new mother and fighting with the sinking feeling that comes with postpartum, Freida says, “The preparedness is more so to know how best to tackle all of this and to not feel abandoned by a health care system that focuses so much on your pregnancy and birth and somehow disappears when you are most vulnerable and in the most challenging phase of your life.”

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Besides, she gives a sensitive reminder about how every mother will have a different journey, yet “have some hill to climb”. Freida also ensures she lets all new mommies know that “it really gets better”.

“We learn so much about ourselves and gosh, we can truly acknowledge and celebrate the goddesses that we are,” she adds.

Freida Pinto
A few changes can go a long way in managing a postpartum period flow. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The way forward

Freida hopes to normalise conversations about the postpartum challenges and changes – that need to be better understood and accepted rather than shamed.

“The challenges that can be managed so much better with just a little extra help. My mission is to make this sacred period less about the suffering and more about acceptance, self-love and growth. And to bring some much-required peace to this healing period,” Freida concluded.

Although it is impossible to remain untouched by the chaos of motherhood, if we’re too busy taking care of the little one and you don’t carve out time for self-love from your schedule, feeling ‘blah’ is inevitable.

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