Feeling nauseous? Try these 8 tips to prevent morning sickness

Morning sickness is undoubtedly the most unpleasant part of pregnancy. If you have been struggling with it too, then these tips can help.
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Symptoms like morning sickness are experienced by men too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Baby Chakra Published: 18 May 2020, 14:34 pm IST
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Being pregnant can be the happiest moment in any woman’s life. But the morning sickness that comes as a part of the package? Well not so much.

It comes pretty early in the pregnancy, leaving most women with little time to celebrate this special change in their lives. That’s because they are busy keeping their last meal from rising up their throats or wiping their brow from sheer exhaustion of having hurled for the third time that day.

Yes, we are talking about morning sickness, or in some cases just sickness (because it can last the whole day too), during the first few months of pregnancy. It can be a whole lot to deal with especially if you are one of those women whose sickness symptoms are very severe.

While no one knows what exactly causes sickness during the first few weeks of pregnancy, it is likely that the increased level of hormones that help your baby grow are responsible for the churning in your tummy.

So, take heart, your body is working harder than ever to make your little “cute as a button munchkin” and all you can do is hang in there and support your body in all this hard work in any way that you can. And that includes keeping the sickness at bay (or at least minimize the symptoms) with these handy tips we have listed for you:

1. Get plenty of rest
Now is as good a time as any to take that cat nap whenever you feel exhausted. Your body needs you to slow down a little and the more you listen to it, the better you are likely to feel. So, if you feel like staying in bed that morning for an extra hour or if you feel like catching a snooze during the afternoon – do that. Your sickness symptoms will be reduced when you are well rested.

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Get adequate rest to deal with morning sickness. Image courtesy:

2. Keep hydrated
It is a good idea to be well hydrated in any case, but especially so when you are pregnant. Having your eight glasses of water will keep the nauseous feeling at bay and will soothe your stomach. If you find it difficult to consume plain water then you can try adding a slice of lime or some peppermint leaves to it to give it some flavour. You can even suck on ice chips if you find it hard to sip on water because of extreme sickness symptoms.

3. Ginger is your best friend
Ginger is said to be your digestive tract’s best friend, so go ahead and get creative with it. Have it in your ginger ale, add it to your tea, or munch on some ginger crackers every time you get that queasy feeling.

morning sickness
A cup of steaming hot ginger tea will take your nausea away! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Try soothing fragrances
It is said that the biggest trigger for sickness in pregnant women is actually the sense of smell. This is because of the especially high levels of oestrogen hormones racing through your body right now. Try and sniff a lemon (which is said to help ease the queasy feeling in your stomach) or any other fragrance that soothes you when you find yourself being overwhelmed with aromas.

5. Eat small and frequent meals
No we are quoting some fad diet tips during your pregnancy. This is actually a sound remedy to keep sickness at bay. Eating smaller meals will help you get through the day without feeling nauseous and keep your sugar levels in check. What’s more? This way you avoid being hungry for too long which can just increase the sickness symptoms.

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6. Make nutritious meal choices
Eating spicy, oily fatty food that you crave for isn’t going to help you if you suffer from sickness. So, yes indulge once in a while, but in general try and stick to healthy and nutritious choices in your meals. Make sure you have foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that will make you feel better and provide you with that much needed energy boost.

morning sickness
Make your plate look as colorful as you can for maximum nutrition. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Tip: If you find that you feel sick even though you aren’t eating spicy or oily food, try opting for cold foods such as salads, cold soups, sandwiches etc.

7. Pregnancy vitamins are a must
Your doctor will most likely prescribe all the vitamins and supplements you need during your pregnancy, so it is up to you to ensure that you take them. Adding this extra dose of vitamins will help your body make up for the deficit that is being created due to the bun in the oven (thereby adding to your sickness woes).

8. Track your triggers
Is it the morning breakfast smell that gets your stomach in a stir or is it the smell of that disinfectant being used in your household chores? It is important to identify your sickness triggers if you want to keep from barfing. So, make note of what is prompting these sickness bouts and try and avoid being around them for some time.

Once they cross the first trimester, most women find that their morning sickness symptoms suddenly ease up. This is the time you can truly start relishing being pregnant. However, even if your symptoms do not subside, chances are with these tips, you can learn to manage them in a way that lets you enjoy your special time with your baby, before the world gets to meet him.

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