Ever wondered what giving birth in a pandemic would be like? We got real mums and experts to share

There is a lot of anxiety amid this lockdown that is making the newly mums and dads all the more anxious about their newly born. But take a deep breath as our expert will help you sail through this difficult time.
Embrace your parenthood during this tough time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 21 Apr 2020, 02:10 pm IST
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Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. But this year, this joyous moment is resulting in fear, anxiety, agony, and dilemma. Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. 

Instead of celebrating and welcoming their child, parents are worried about how they will deal with this situation. What if they require a doctor on an urgent basis? Will it be safe to take their child to a hospital when the covid-19 virus scare is lurking there? What if complications happens? All these questions are bothering every parent who has just stepped into parenthood. 

PTSD can lead to complication in pregnancy
Don’t let stress come in between you and your baby. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hey, relax as we will help you find a solution to all of these. 

But first, let’s read the experiences of some mothers during this lockdown:  

New mum Sanaa Firoz says that delivering a child was tough 
Sanna Firoz, who has recently attained motherhood, says, “I couldn’t visit the hospital as there was a lockdown. I had some complications also.” 

But she also thanked technology because of which she was in constant touch with her gynaecologist via video calls. She says, “My doctor during this period acted like my best friend. She helped me to have a safe and happy pregnancy. Now, we both mother and child are healthy and safe.”

I and my husband was super stressed due to my BP, says Tulisha Sengupta
Mrs Sengupta says that, “It was quite stressful for me to give birth to my child during covid-19. My husband and I were super worried and that also led my blood pressure to shoot up. My doctor helped me calm down by making me do breathing exercises.”

Say yes to tele-consultation for regular check-ups. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The good news is she has given birth to a healthy baby girl and is taking her doctor’s help in taking care of the baby. 

Now let’s see what Dr Sanchita Dube Ghonge, consultant, obstetrics and gynecology at the Motherhood Hospital has to suggest
“The ongoing pandemic of novel coronavirus and the lockdown measures have created a global crisis of unprecedented dimensions. Becoming parents during the ongoing crisis is even more challenging and likely to be distressful,” she says.

She added that, “The expecting couples are overwhelmed with the concerns related to the safety of their unborn or newly born child during the present circumstances. The parents are anxious about the repeated visits to their gynecologists, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, as they have to convince the police personnel every time they cross the lockdown barricades. The situation is even worse in the containment zones, as few hospitals also ask for additional tests, when the patients from such zones visit a hospital for the delivery.”

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eat vegetables to avoid premature birth
Make your plate look as colorful as you can for maximum nutrition. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

To help parents deal with this situation Dr Ghonge has these tips to share:

1. Wash your hands properly before you touch the baby or his/her things.
2. There should be less number of meet and greet sessions with the baby and other family members.
3. Keep the room and the house clean.
4. Don’t panic if there is something wrong with the baby just stay in constant touch with your doctor.
5. Use the help of teleconsultation instead of visiting a doctor.
6. Parents should keep a close look on what they eat and should also include meditation in their daily routine.

So, just follow what the expert has to say and you and your newly born will be healthy and away from covid-19 virus as well.

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