Diwali: 6 tips pregnant women should follow to avoid overexertion

This Diwali, if you're in the family way, make sure you don't overexert. Here are some important tips for pregnant women to stay safe!
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Dr Phani Madhuri V Updated: 21 Oct 2022, 19:28 pm IST
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The festival season is heating up, and it’s one of the most enchanting and joyful times of the year for everyone. Festivals bring about happiness and acceptance within the family, particularly for expectant mothers. The get-together, attention, assortment of foods, holiday cravings, gestures of love, and festive emotions positively affect the expectant mother. It is easy to get overridden by the festive spirit and forget the concept of self-care which is essential during pregnancy. It is important to remember that it’s also a time when things can get stressful. It can be tricky to be part of all the festive gatherings, interact with the guests and indulge in the festivities and the festive food, all while managing the sensitive time of pregnancy. The festive overexertion could be detrimental to one’s pregnancy, nutrition and general health, if you don’t take care.

A woman’s pregnancy is a delicate time in her life. It requires precision to carry a new life inside the womb. The health of the mother and child may be impacted by whatever one does. Additionally, one doesn’t want to make any careless errors that could be harmful. When pregnant, the mother needs to take into account the daily activities in addition to the intake of food and nutrients. While some activities are risk-free and relaxing, others can be physically taxing and needs to be avoided at all costs.

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6 safety tips for pregnant women to avoid overexertion during Diwali

1. After each chore, rest

Relaxing or taking a rest interval/break after each task is one way to finish the chores without becoming exhausted. Schedule time for doing chores and set time for relaxation. Household activities alone are not the reason for overexertion. Pregnant women during the initial phase of pregnancy tend to be exhausted during festivals due to engaging with people or guests during festivals more often. This might also result in overexertion.

2. Less exercise

All through pregnancy, walking — slow or fast — is advised as a safe form of exercise for pregnant women. It can be done every day. But if one feels tired, make sure one gets enough rest. During festivals, there might be situations where an expectant mother is in crowded places for festival purchases or deal with guests who frequently visit. These factors also lead to overexertion in pregnant women.

3. Get your partner on board

Asking for assistance is perfectly acceptable, especially when expecting. Inform them of the need for assistance and decide together what can both do. It is advised against undertaking any extra work because it uses up a lot of energy which is bad for an unborn child. This is one of the most important tips for pregnant women because it gives her emotional as well as physical support.

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4. Get more sleep

During pregnancy, it’s important to get at least eight hours of sleep. Women frequently cut back on sleep because they have so many tasks to complete. It causes overexertion and robs the body of much-needed rest. Keep in mind to get as many naps and to get a solid eight hours of sleep each night.

5. Overeating

Overeating sweets and overfeeding pregnant women out of happiness at the time of festivals could lead to an increased risk of gestational diabetes. Overeating can also lead to heartburn. It will increase the chances of indigestion and cause heartburn. Binge eating can lead to high blood pressure in pregnant women which will, in turn, have an adverse effect on the baby’s health.

6. Consult your doctor

It can be difficult to find fulfillment in any type of work during the festival season when you’re pregnant. The expectant mothers must ensure that they receive adequate guidance or advice from their doctors on what to do and not to do during festival seasons if they participate in activities that combine both physical and mental activities. For expectant mothers, getting enough sleep and rest are two crucial factors that must be taken into account throughout each busy day.

Finally, it must be ensured that one should not exert themselves in any way and that they do not have to work themselves into a sweat.

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