Dear moms, plan a healthy pregnancy with these expert-approved tips

If you don't care of yourself during pregnancy, how will you take care of your child. Here are some tips for mothers to stay healthy before, during and after pregnancy to deliver a healthy child.
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Dr Preethika Shetty Updated: 26 May 2023, 09:49 am IST
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Physical and emotional disorders that impact the health of the pregnant or postpartum woman, their baby, or both are examples of pregnancy complications. Physical and mental problems that might cause issues can develop before, during, or after pregnancy. To reduce the risk of complications, it is critical for any woman who may become pregnant to get health care before, throughout, and after pregnancy. Moms-to-be must take care of themselves to give birth to healthy babies.

Tips for pregnant mothers to be healthy to deliver a healthy baby

1. Stick to the basics

A healthy lifestyle and seeking medical attention before, during, and after pregnancy can reduce your risk of pregnancy problems. Eat well, maintain a healthy weight, take care of your mental health, avoid tobacco products, and restrict or avoid alcohol before becoming pregnant. Preconception health care can also assist you in staying as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant.

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2. The sooner you opt for prenatal care, the better

When you get pregnant, begin prenatal care as soon as possible and speak with your healthcare physician about any current or previous health concerns. If you are being treated for a health condition or taking certain medications, your provider may advise you to change the way your health is managed.

Healthy mothers are the foundation of a newborn’s health. When women are hungry, unwell, or get insufficient prenatal and postpartum care, their infants are more likely to be at a higher risk of sickness and early mortality. Studies have shown that in locations where the danger of maternal mortality is high, the rate of newborn death is also high.

3. Create a healthy environment for your child

Creating a healthy environment for an unborn kid throughout pregnancy is critical. Managing personal health issues, practising healthy behaviours, meeting dietary needs, expanding your understanding of child development, lowering stress, and preparing for the child’s birth are key subjects in making a good pregnancy for you and your kid. Creating a healthy environment for a kid during pregnancy is perhaps the most crucial component of prenatal parenting. Parents wish and hope for a healthy child. They can contribute to it by understanding how to avoid probable complications during pregnancy.

4. Be mindful of these 5 things

The following are five essential topics to consider while planning a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby:

  • Handle personal health issues
  • Engage in healthy behaviours
  • Meet nutritional requirements
  • Expand your understanding of child development.
  • Reduce personal tension and prepare for the birth of the kid
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Regardless of how far along are you in your pregnancy, it is vital to take care of yourself. A healthy mother means a healthy child. What you eat and drink will have a direct impact on your child. See your doctor for postpartum care after your pregnancy. Discuss anything that doesn’t seem right, including emotions of sadness, worry, and weariness that make it difficult to care for yourself or your baby. To stay as healthy as possible after pregnancy, you need to see several different healthcare specialists.

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