Can you get pregnant with a low AMH level? An expert speaks

AMH, or the Anti-Mullerian Hormone, is one of the factors that affect the chances of a woman becoming pregnant.
getting pregnant with low AMH level
An expert highlights the link between AMH levels and fertility. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Pallavi Prasad Published: 20 Jun 2021, 11:00 am IST
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There are many factors that affect the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. One of the factors that we will be discussing today is AMH Level. 

What is AMH level?

The full form for AMH is Anti-Mullerian Hormone. Blood tests are used to evaluate a woman for fertility treatment. There are a few scans along with hormone tests that are conducted. AMH is one of the tests. AMH is a test to check your ovarian reserve which basically determines the level of fertility of a woman.

What one needs to know is that the Anti-Mullerian Level is just an indicator of the reserve of eggs in a woman’s body. It does not decide whether the woman will be able to conceive or not.

Low AMH implies that the woman probably has a reduced egg count. The woman might require a higher dosage of hormone injections or another fertility treatment. But, this entirely depends on the woman’s health condition and her age. These factors play an important role in these treatments. Women in their late 20’s can expect a better chance of conceiving while women in their late 30’s or early 40’s will experience some difficulties due to the lower number and quality of eggs in their body. 

getting pregnant with low AMH level
Pregnant women need to be more careful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What is the ideal AMH level for fertility?

The normal Anti-Mullerian Hormone level is 2.2-4 nanogram per millilitre. Levels below that are considered to be low AMH or low ovarian reserve. Levels below 0.4 nanograms per millilitre are considered severely low.

What do low AMH levels mean for your chance of IVF?

Fewer eggs might mean that it is harder to conceive, but one also needs to keep in mind that you only need one healthy egg to conceive. Your chances of IVF are not completely terminated if you have low Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels. 

Someone who is younger and has less AMH might have a higher percentage of conceiving through IVF as compared to someone who is in their late thirties and early forties. 

getting pregnant with low AMH level
It is completely possible to get pregnant with your own eggs or donor eggs with low AMH. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What are the treatment options available for low AMH?
  1. If the woman fails to conceive naturally, she should go in for In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment. This method increases the chances of conceiving to 41-45%. 
  2. If the results show that the percentage of follicles is very few, then the option is ‘Donor oocyte IVF’. 
  3. There is something called ‘Egg Pooling’. This process takes place if the woman has a very low number of eggs. In this method, the doctors do a couple of IVF cycles, carry out egg collection and embryos formed are frozen. The best embryo is later transferred to the womb. 
How can you increase the AMH level?

There is no scientific research or proof that states that a woman can increase her Anti-Mullerian levels. It is always best to discuss this issue with a gynaecologist and understand the options available. 

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