Breastfeeding is exhausting, but worth it, says actress Evelyn Sharma

It's refreshing to see another Bollywood actress, Evelyn Sharma share insights from her breastfeeding experience. Read on to know what she has to say!
Celebrities have opened up the conversation around breastfeeding! Image Courtesy: Evelyn Sharma | Instagran
Shifa Khan Published: 25 Dec 2021, 12:00 pm IST
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Breastfeeding does not just provide nutrition to a child; it also fosters bonding between the mother and her baby. Moreover, it also provides several health benefits to both of them. Breast milk is the ideal nutrition for your baby, lowers your baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies, and reduces the chances of obesity. We’ve spoken about the positives, but we can’t disregard that this period of nursing your baby can be quite physically taxing.

As imperative as it may sound, there has been a taboo around this subject. But, thanks to many celeb moms who have raised awareness on breastfeeding and normalised it for common people.

Joining the club, Bollywood’s ‘delicate’ diva Evelyn Sharma recently shared a picture with her baby girl Ava. Known for her roles in films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Yaariyan, Evelyn welcomed her baby girl in November. Naturally then, her world is revolving around the little one!

On Christmas Eve, Evelyn shared a picture of herself while breastfeeding the baby, and captioned it: “My Christmas this year is milk for Ava and cookies for me.”

“Breastfeeding is not an easy task. In fact, I find it mentally and physically exhausting. But, the bond you’re forming is absolutely beautiful and truly worth it. People give you lots of advice on what you should and shouldn’t do, but the reality is: do whatever works best for you and your baby,” she added.

The new mom looked fresh as a daisy wearing a green tee, exuding X’mas vibes for this shot. See it for yourself:

Alongside Evelyn, many Bollywood moms have shed the taboo and have spoken about breastfeeding in the past. Some of these gorgeous supermoms are:

  1. Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia has always been a huge advocate for body positivity and women empowerment and shared plenty of raw and unfiltered photos of her body as it changed during and after pregnancy. Sharp and sensible, she has never held herself back from speaking about contentious issues. Here’s what she shared as part of an Instagram post, “The journey of a new mum is something only she can understand. While we all hear the happy side, it is also a huge responsibility and emotionally draining. It’s hard enough to be a mum and do all that there is to do. The last thing we need is to be questioned, mocked and worst of all trolled. I went through the same beats and I know how hard it is.”

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Neha Dhupia
Actor Neha Dhupia hopes the world becomes a better place for women who breastfeed.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Now a mother of two, fondly referred to as Bebo, Kareena has always been a step ahead when it comes to speaking her mind. She has always been candid about the challenges that come with pregnancy and motherhood. Kareena has also been vocal about breastfeeding in a blog. “We need to feed our newborn babies in the best way that we can: with our breast milk. To give your baby the best start in life that he or she deserves, start breastfeeding within the first hour of life – and feed the baby only breast milk, nothing else.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan
Kareena Kapoor Khan during her second pregnancy. Image courtesy: Facebook/KareenaKapoor

3. Lisa Haydon

The Queen actress has been a true advocate about breastfeeding, and has shared several anecdotes about motherhood. When she had given birth to her baby Zack, Lisa had shared a picture of her breastfeeding him on Instagram. Here’s what the post said, “Breastfeeding has been challenging+time consuming (literally hours spent every day trying to stimulate milk supply), but it’s such a beautiful way to bond and connect with your child plus all the nutritional benefits that your child gets from your milk.”

4. Mira Rajput

We’ve always loved Mira Rajput for calling a ‘spade a spade’, and she has never shied away from sharing all about her journey with motherhood. Before the birth of her second child Zain, Mira shared in an interview, “I have spoken about the importance of feeding the baby in the past too. I was extremely religious with Misha and I am going to do the same with my newborn. It is the greatest gift you can give your baby,” she said.

Well, we say more power to her, and to all moms out there!

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