Are you pregnant? Try the best pregnancy test kits for accurate results

Are you waiting to confirm the good news? You can try these easy-to-use pregnancy test kits that give you results in no time.
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Arushi Bidhuri Published: 15 Nov 2023, 03:00 pm IST
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Embarking on a journey of parenthood begins with a single moment of revelation, and that key lies in the hands of the pregnancy test kit that you use. Yes, you confirm it with a doctor but the first thing that will tell you that happiness awaits you is a pregnancy kit. Have you been looking for the best pregnancy test kit too? With the marker flooded with options, it can be difficult to pick one that will show you accurate results. From user-friendly designs to the best technology, we have picked some of the best in the market for you to choose from.

Before we take a look at the best pregnancy kits out there, you first must understand the signs that show you’re pregnant.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

You should be aware that every pregnancy is unique, therefore you may not experience the same symptoms and indicators as another woman. However, there are some common signs, as per National Health Services UK, that you should look out for:

  • The earliest and most reliable sign of pregnancy is a missed period. You may also experience implantation bleeding, which is spotting or light period.
  • Morning sickness at any time of the day for no apparent reason may also be a telltale sign that you’re pregnant.
  • Pregnant women may feel tired or exhausted during the first 12 weeks or so.
  • One of the first indications of pregnancy is sore or painful breasts.
  • Peeing more, constipation, and more vaginal discharge can suggest pregnancy.
  • Another indicator of pregnancy could be cravings for particular foods or a decline in interest in particular foods and beverages.
  • Some women become extra sensitive to the smell of food or cooking during pregnancy.

Best pregnancy test kits in India

Here are some of the top contenders for pregnancy test kits that are accurate and convenient:

1. Ezeefind Early Pregnancy Test Kit

Ezeefind Early Pregnancy Test Kit is a reliable and user-friendly pregnancy test kit. It claims to provide results in minutes, offering convenience and accuracy. An easy-to-use kit, it that requires a simple urine test, making this pregnancy test kit accurate and efficient. It claims to be a quick and discreet method that can help you confirm if you’re pregnant or not.

2. i-can One Step Pregnancy Test Device

This pregnancy test device comes with a single-use pregnancy detection strip, which contains 1 test device and 1 disposable dropper. It is a convenient and efficient tool for early pregnancy detection. This pregnancy test kit claims to start working as soon as the sixth day following unprotected sex. It claims to be an accurate and reliable choice that can help confirm your pregnancy. Easy to use, you can try this pregnancy test kit to confirm your pregnancy.

3. Prega News One Step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test Kit

Prega News One Step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test Kit Device is a trusted and user-friendly tool for early pregnancy detection. Designed for at-home use, it offers a simple and quick urine test that claims to provide accurate results within just five minutes. Prega News is known for its reliability, making it a preferred choice for those seeking prompt confirmation of pregnancy.

4. i-Know Advance Mid Stream Pregnancy Test Kit

With its innovative mid-stream design, the i-Know Advance Mid Stream Pregnancy Test Kit offers simplicity and ease of use for at-home testing. It claims to be highly accurate and gives you results in just three minutes. With an easy-to-grip design, this pregnancy test kit comes with a cap for that added hygiene. It is believed to be a reliable test kit that helps you seek prompt and discreet confirmation of whether or not you’re pregnant.

5. Cipla Mamaxpert Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit

Cipla Mamaxpert Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit is a highly efficient and dependable tool for swift pregnancy confirmation in just five minutes. With its advanced technology, this kit ensures accurate results through a quick and easy urine test. Known for its reliability, Mamaxpert comes with a single-use pregnancy detection strip, which contains 1 test device and 1 disposable dropper. It also requires you to collect your first urine sample to perform this test. It is a one-step HCG test that helps detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine to provide results.

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