9 travel tips that can ease life for a lactating mom

Travelling can be quite a task for a new mother! But keeping certain breastfeeding tips in mind can make the experience hassle-free.
How to manage breastfeeding during travel
Know how to manage breastfeeding during travel! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 14 Jul 2022, 15:30 pm IST
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Breastfeeding can be a struggle for new moms. And the going gets tougher when the mother and child have to travel. Actress Freida Pinto recently shared a glimpse into how she managed to pump breast milk on a flight! This steered our attention towards finding some handy breastfeeding tips for moms who love to travel!

“When you are a mother on the move and you have to pump at the back of the plane because of flight delays and boobies bursting,” wrote Freida, who welcomed a son in November 2021.

Yes, new mothers tend to have multiple issues while travelling. Handling a crying, hungry baby or dealing with engorged breasts can be quite cumbersome. And so, we reached out to Dipti Shah, Lactation Consultant, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Malad, Mumbai, to get some tips.

“Traveling with a newborn breastfeeding baby can be a challenge. But as long as you are prepared and up for the task, you will be able to continue your travelling plans,” Shah told Health Shots.

breastfeeding tips for nursing moms
Breastfeeding is also a bonding exercise between a mother and child! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9 breastfeeding tips for travelling moms

1. Wear a breastfeeding-friendly dress:

The first and best choice will be breastfeeding directly from breast. So it would be ideal to have the convenience of latching the baby without feeling any sense of discomfort of consciousness.

2. Planning before planning travelling:

The best is to travel by your own vehicle so that you can stop your car and breastfeed or give complementary feeds if baby is more than 6 months old.

3. Know the right halts along the journey

You can figure out cafes and restaurants along the route where you can stop to eat and breastfeed your baby too. This would not need you to express milk or to store breast milk.

4. Safe space

If you are traveling by public transport, try to find a comfortable and clean space to breastfeed, If not, then the second choice will be to give expressed milk.

breastfeeding tips
Make sure you take all safety steps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Find breastfeeding areas

Not every place may have these, but depending on where you may be travelling or the transportation you may be using, designated breastfeeding areas may come to your rescue. Airports and malls may have breastfeeding room and moms can nurse their babies in private.

6. Pumping

Whenever you have the chance, try pumping some milk into bottles. Do it before setting off for your trip or if you are on a road trip, you can do it while your travel partner may be driving. Using this breastfeeding tip, you can more easily feed your baby in a crowded area.

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breastfeeding pump during travel
A breastfeeding pump can be very helpful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Baby bag

This is one all-encompassing accessory that every nursing mother must travel with, in order to avoid scrambling for things last minute. A baby bag, packed with all essentials, can help you stay organized. With a newborn, you will need to pack a lot more than usual. Wondering what to carry?

For newborns, you can keep expressed milk, cups to feed expressed milk, an extra pair of baby’s dress, diapers, napkins, swaddling cloth, wet wipes and anything else you may need.

If your little one is over 6 months old, you can also carry homemade semi-solids food to offer while travelling.

8. Breast milk storage when you’re travelling

You can store breast milk at room temperature for up to four hours. But in case your travel time tends to be longer, or your baby with you, you may require to keep it cool. Take help from an insulated cooler with totally frozen ice packs. This will keep milk cool for up to 24 hours.

Make sure you only fill three-fourth of each breast milk storage pack, or bottle. To ease matters, label your breast milk according to the date and remember to use older milk first. Thaw breast milk by placing it in a bowl of warm water or by moving it into the fridge for 24 hours.

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