7 dangerous mistakes you MUST avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy

Avoid these silly mistakes in your first trimester of pregnancy, and enjoy motherhood in all its glory.
first trimester of pregnancy
The first trimester of pregnancy is crucial for you as well as for your baby, so be as cautious as possible. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 24 Mar 2021, 13:00 pm IST
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Being a mother is a joyous phase, but it isn’t easy at all! Your journey begins right on the day you first hear that you have a fetus growing in your womb. But remember, not only are these nine months precious for you, but also for your baby.  

The first trimester is the stepping stone for what lies ahead. That’s why we want to gear you up, so that you can avoid some common mistakes during this time. 

That’s because whatever you do, feel, and eat during pregnancy has a direct impact on your baby. So, being cautious about everything you do is very important.  

Your first trimester kicks in on the first day of your last period, and will last up to the end of week 12. So, by the time you know you’re pregnant, five to six weeks may have passed. 

According to Dr Sarita Channavar, consultant obstetrics and gynecologist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, would-be mothers need to take most care when they get pregnant. 

first trimester of pregnancy
You need to watch every move you make during your pregnancy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Pregnancy is a life-altering journey after all. You must avoid using tobacco, smoking, alcohol, or other recreational drugs, once you conceive. Smoking tends to decrease oxygen flow to the baby and can cause preterm birth, and some other serious complications.”

But can you do anything to prevent these complications? Thankfully, yes. 

Avoid these seven mistakes in your first trimester to avoid complications in your pregnancy
1. Quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is essential to avoid miscarriage, birth defects like a cleft lip or cleft palate, premature birth, low birth weight, and infant death. Even e-cigarettes are not safe during pregnancy, so make sure to avoid them.

2. Quit alcohol

Opting for alcohol during the first three months of pregnancy is not good for the baby. It can lead to developmental problems in all stages.

3. Avoid eating raw meat

If you’re pregnant, avoid eating raw meat or uncooked eggs, as they can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Moreover, these illnesses can invite miscarriage and birth defects too.

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first trimester of pregnancy
Alcohol consumption upto a year before pregnancy can hamper foetal health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Avoid taking sauna

“You must avoid saunas or even hot tubs, as there’s a high chance of dehydration, overheating or even fainting. Are you aware? The rise in the core temperature can affect the development of the baby during the first trimester of pregnancy,” suggests Dr Channavar.

5. Avoid caffeine

You might love your cup of joe, but too much of it isn’t good for your baby. Do you know too much caffeine impacts your growing baby?

6. Don’t go for rigorous exercises

If you must exercise during the first trimester, try to opt for light exercises. Do not go overboard as it can be harmful for the baby.

7. Don’t self-medicate

“Go for medication prescribed by the doctor. Avoid any over-the-counter medication, as this can be risky for both, the mother and the baby,” warns Dr Channavar.

Dr Channavar recommends some tips to make your first trimester a joy ride

The journey to motherhood is special, that’s why you must keep these things in mind, especially in your first trimester. 

first trimester of pregnancy
Try yoga for you and your baby’s health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  • Try to choose organic foods and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Taking folic acid can reduce the chances of birth defects in babies. Take it in the dose recommended by the doctor. 
  • Don’t forget to take prenatal vitamins in order to cover your requirement for calcium, iron, and zinc. 
  • Try to include dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, orange carrots, red apples, yellow bananas, and blueberries in your diet. 
  • Your body will go through a transition during pregnancy, as there is a new life in you. You may feel exhausted as you grow. So, you have to get a good night’s sleep to ensure you are active and fresh, the next morning. 
  • Try to exercise daily when you are pregnant so that you will be able to deal with hormonal changes and fatigue during the first trimester. Do lighter exercises that are recommended by your expert to perk-up your mood. 
  • Try to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, in order to prevent dizziness, constipation and hemorrhoids during the first trimester. 
  • Take the flu vaccine, as it can help the baby free from flu, immediately after birth.

So all you moms-to-be, keep these tips in mind and have a complication-free pregnancy. 

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