5 solutions for new moms who want to lose postpartum weight

If weight loss is on your mind post pregnancy and while breastfeeding your little tips, try these tips by a nutrition expert.
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Yashwani Arora Published: 29 Jan 2022, 20:27 pm IST
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The struggle to have and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle as a brand new mom can be tough. Caught between multifarious responsibilities, the mother is often torn between trying to get used to take care of a new person in her life and trying to deal with the changes in her own body. Breastfeeding is another trying experience. But between all this, if you are thinking about postpartum weight loss, read on!

Losing weight while breastfeeding is another challenge altogether. Breastfeeding your little one can leave you feeling hungry and craving energy-rich foods. You require extra energy to produce nourishing milk supply for your baby, and that can make you binge eat or overeat leading to weight gain.

Weight loss while breastfeeding can be tough and slower than a normal fitness regime. But Anshul Jaibharat, a nutritionist and holistic nutrition coach, has some suggestions to ease your journey. She took to her Instagram handle to share five weight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers.

Here are 5 weight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers:

1. Don’t follow any crash or fad diet

Post-pregnancy is the time to replenish your nutrient reserves and strengthen your body. You need to support your lactation, if breastfeeding. So lean on a professional nutritionist who can help you find the right balance of nutrients and routine for the same, comments Jaibharat.

2. Avoid packaged ready to eat junk food

The routine with a new baby is demanding and challenging too. So pre-plan and keep some healthy snacks like makhanas, seeds, murmure, fresh fruits for those post-feeding hunger pangs. Binge eat home-cooked meals or healthy snacking.

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3. Have enough water

Jaibharat says, “We often neglect water. It is important not only for metabolism but also for proper lactation. So take care of total days water intake and warm water helps in more than one way”.

4. Include essential fatty acids

Ghee is not bad, nor is white butter or mustard oil. Just don’t overdo any of these! Include nuts and seeds, and use the right cooking medium. This will help you gain energy, better metabolism, revive nutrients, and have good skin and hair. It will help you deal with post-pregnancy hair fall and help your body regain its normal state. Omega-3 and fatty acid are two most important foods that should be consumed post pregnancy to keep your baby health in check, and shed some extra kilos simultaneously.

weight loss post pregnancy
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5. Focus on quality nutrition

Jaibharat comments, “Counting calories on apps is the last thing you should be doing. Instead, focus on quality nutrition. Eat homemade fresh food, including whole grains, good quality protein, and fats in diet and lots of color. Also, don’t forget the recommended supplements and stretching exercises by your doctor.” Adding quality nutrition will not only help you gain energy level and heal your body but will also supply the correct amount of nourishment to your baby

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