Struggling with back and neck pain during pregnancy? Here are 5 ways to ease it

There are many factors that cause neck and back pain during pregnancy. Here are 5 expert recommended ways to ease the discomfort and pain.
back pain during pregnancy
Follow these easy ways to relieve tension in your back and neck. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Shipra Kunwar Updated: 26 Jul 2022, 18:43 pm IST
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One of the most widely recognized problems during pregnancy is back and neck pain. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that more than 50% of pregnant women experience some level of pain. Back or neck pain might be possible during any time of your pregnancy, but it most ordinarily happens later in pregnancy, i.e., in the last 3 months of pregnancy. So, pain in the neck and back can be considered a part and parcel of pregnancy.

Back pain can disturb your daily routine and can interfere with sleep. Here we will discuss common causes and what steps you can take to deal with the pain that you experience.

Here are 4 causes of back and neck pain during pregnancy:

1. Hormonal changes

Throughout pregnancy, there are increasing levels of hormones (both estrogen and progesterone) as well as relaxin, which helps in relaxing joints and ligaments and easing delivery. These changes can affect the weight-bearing capacity of the muscles and ligaments, leading to pain.

2. Postural changes

Due to the increasing weight of the womb, the body tends to fall forward, which may strain the muscles in the lower back and add to back torment during pregnancy. Weight gain implies more work for the muscles, joints, back, and neck.

back pain during pregnancy
Pains and aches in back common during pregnancy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Absence of frequent movement

Staying in stagnant positions for long hours during pregnancy can make muscles sore and firm. Assuming you are pregnant, moving around will keep the muscles warm. The absence of portability just prompts firmness and may cause neck pain during the later phases of pregnancy.

4. Poor posture

There is an increase in lordosis (the increase in the lower back curve of the spine) because of the weight of the womb. This can further aggravate the back pain.

Here are 5 remedies to prevent back and neck pain during pregnancy:

1. Correct your posture

Back and neck pain can be dealt with by making changes in your posture while sitting and standing. Try to keep your back straight and pull your abdomen in. When getting up from bed, always roll to one side and then get up. Avoid wearing heels.

2. Stay active

Regular exercise and pregnancy-safe workouts help lengthen your muscles, relax your body, and relieve stress.

back pain during pregnancy
Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, but over exercising is not. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Use a pillow

Stay active, but along with it, rest on your left side with a pillow in between your two legs. This will also help reduce pain.

4. Cold compress

A warm/cold compress can assist with easing neck and back agony to some extent. It should be used at regular intervals as it eases your muscles and allows them to relax. Acupuncture is another way to beat the pain.

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5. Massage

Massaging your body parts help a great deal in keeping back and neck pain from being extreme. This will lessen the solidity of muscles and tissues. Moreover, it further develops the blood supply and lessens your feelings of anxiety and stress.


Though back pain is a common symptom, there are some situations where seeking medical help is necessary. If it is severe and home remedies appear to fail, consulting a doctor is a smart choice to avoid any types of complications.

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