5 reasons why you aren’t producing enough breast milk, according to a lactation expert

Low breast milk supply? Don’t fret. Rather read this guide by a lactation expert on why you aren't producing enough breast milk.
breast milk
Stress can affect breast milk in multiple ways. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 13 Oct 2023, 05:06 pm IST
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Being a mom is altogether a new experience. During those first few days, everything looks so surreal. Breastfeeding is one of the most crucial parts of motherhood, especially in your first few days; but at times low or no-milk supply makes this experience stressful. But stress is no solution to this. 

Understanding the reasons why you’re not producing enough milk is the key to solving the problem. That’s why we’ve got lactation expert, Archana Wadkar from Motherhood Hospital, Pune to help you get to the bottom of the problem. 

“Nowadays before pregnancy, women see a lot of content about the whole process which makes them all the more anxious and stressed. At times, this stress also hampers the production of milk”, she explains. But apart from that, here are some other reasons why you’re not producing enough breast milk.

1. Insufficient glandular tissue
This problem majorly occurs in first-time moms. In this condition, milk ducts are not formed properly and so the milk supply gets hampered. This situation gets resolved during the second or third pregnancy. To stimulate your milk ducts it is always advised to let your baby suck on your nipples as that can help in the milk production.

breast milk
Keep feeding your child to grease your milk ducts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“The golden rule is that more sucking means more milk. Your breast needs proper suction so that milk can emerge. Sucking gives that stimulation at the time of breastfeeding”, Wadkar suggests.

2. Hormonal problems
Milk is produced in the breasts on the signals given by your hormones and if your hormones are going haywire then your milk supply will also be hampered. “If you have a condition like PCOS, diabetes, or low or high thyroid, then there are high chances that your breast milk is on the lower side. You must visit a lactation expert in this case,” she explains.

3. Breast surgery
“Breast surgeries can lead to the formation of fibroids which impacts the milk ducts,” Wadkar says. How much milk is produced depends on the intricacy of the surgery. For that matter, even nipple piercings can have a negative impact on your breast milk production.

4. Oral contraceptives
“If you are breastfeeding and taking oral contraceptive then it can impact the production of your breast milk. Although, it doesn’t happen with every woman, you can’t ignore the possibility of it. These pills impact hormonal balance which alters milk supply,” she explains.

breast milk
Taking contraceptive pills can lower your breast milk supply. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Medications given during labor 
During labor, many women are given medications that can have an impact on the production of milk. These medications can be pertaining to C-section or to induce labor. “If the mother is dealing with issues like hypertension then medicines are given to her. This only impacts the milk supply for a shorter period of time but later the milk supply improves once the effect of that medicine is gone”, Wadkar explains.

“Positivity, family support, and patience are the key. Rest everything falls in place”, concludes Wadkar.

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