Simple tips to care for a woman with osteoporosis at home

Here’s a lowdown on vital tips that can be beneficial for patients with osteoporosis, who suffer from brittle or weak bones.
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Dr Biswajeet Naidu Published: 12 Jun 2022, 02:07 pm IST
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Has an older woman in the house been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Then, you need to know that it is not possible to reverse osteoporosis but you can help them manage it well. A person with osteoporosis needs to embrace a healthy lifestyle consisting of a well-balanced diet and exercise. Also, taking medicines and supplements recommended by the doctor is extremely important.

What exactly is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones and makes them brittle. Not just that, it makes fractures, just due to a fall or even mild stresses, more likely to occur by restricting one’s mobility. Since bone is a living tissue that constantly gets broken down and replaced, Osteoporosis actually occurs when the creation of new bone doesn’t keep at pace with the old bone loss.

While it affects men and women equally, this condition is commonly seen in older women who are past menopause.

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Symptoms of Osteoporosis

They include:

  1. Changes in the posture (stooping or bending forward)
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Loss of height
  4. Bone fractures
  5. Pain in the lower back

How to manage osteoporosis at home?

Osteoporosis can hamper a person’s day-to-day movement and make them dependent on others. It is, therefore, important that the family members of the osteoporosis patients take utmost care of them at home, and help them stay mobile and lead a healthy life.

Try to follow these essential tips to manage it at home:

1. Exercise daily

If you or your loved one is detected with osteoporosis, make sure the patient exercises without fail. Regular physical activity helps to improve muscle strength, and balance, apart from maintaining a good posture, managing pain and lowering the risk of bone fracture. Try to do strength training exercises under the guidance of the fitness trainer. Do not forget to speak to your doctor before initiating any fitness routine. Try to go for walks but avoid any high-impact exercises that require a lot of twisting and bending as they can raise chances of injuries and worsen the condition. Last but not the least, take help of a physiotherapist, if required.

2. Pay attention to the diet

A patient with osteoporosis needs to eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Calcium-rich foods like dairy products, spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tofu, soya bean, salmon, tuna, and eggs should be added in the diet. Avoid junk, processed, oily, and canned foods. In fact, eating foods loaded with calcium can preserve bone density. Osteoporosis patients should take calcium and vitamin D supplements only after the doctor’s advice. Cut down on smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. Smoking affects the body’s ability to absorb calcium, causing lower bone density and weaker bones. It also reduced the blood supply to the bones and other body tissues.

exercise for bones
Don’t underestimatee the importance of exercise when you’re ageing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Sun exposure

Are you aware that getting enough sunlight in the morning will allow vitamin D production? All osteoporosis patients should make sure to soak in the sun at least for 20 minutes. Doing so can also be good for your bones and overall well-being.

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4. Fall prevention

Try to install handles and bars at home in order to prevent falls and fractures in those with osteoporosis. Do not keep any rugs or carpets as one can fall due to them. Avoid wet floors as they can increase the chances of fractures. Keep all rooms well lit.

Follow these tips and keep osteoporosis at bay!

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