Planning for pregnancy? Take these 7 steps to boost your partner’s fertility

If you're planning to start a family and preparing for conceiving, then keep these tips in mind for prevention of male infertility.
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From sperm count to motility, you boost your partner's fertility in several ways. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 9 Jan 2020, 12:07 pm IST
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A review published in the journal Andrology talks about semen quality and male fertility declining worldwide. But you don’t need a journal to prove that as the number of couples facing issues while trying to get pregnant these days is just increasing.

Just to add to that number, an AIIMS statistic claims that 12 to 18 million of Indian couples are diagnosed with infertility every year. And male infertility accounts for half of these cases.

If you think your partner is safe and his fertility unharmed–then here’s some lowdown. The quality of food we eat, pollution, food adulteration, and the poor lifestyle we all lead these days spares no one. And let’s not even talk about ageing yet.

Don’t worry though–all is not lost. Taking these precautions can help prevent infertility in your man:

1. Ensure he curbs his coffee intake
A study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital between 2007 and 2013 found that men who consume more than two cups of coffee had a lesser chance of becoming fathers compared to men who consume less than one cup. This is due to the fact that caffeine present in beverages like coffee, tea, and colas can damage the DNA of sperm and affect male reproductive function.

2. Keep a tab on his smoking
The fact that cigarette smoking can hamper a man’s fertility (as well as a woman’s) is almost like the universal truth of the sun rising from the east and setting in the west. Studies link smoking to lower semen volumes, sperm counts, and percentage of motile sperm in men who smoke regularly compared to men who don’t smoke.

male fertility tips
Smoking kills… sperms that is, amongst other things.

3. Keep him away from alcohol too
Just like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption is also linked to infertility in both men and women according to several researches. So, you might want to limit those drunken nights.

4. Encourage him to eat healthy
A study published in the American Society of Andrology clearly mentions how certain dietary choices can kill sperm count in men and increase their risk of becoming infertile. The danger foods include all things processed, soya products, and high-fat dairy products. Instead, encourage him to have a balanced diet full of green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and whole foods.

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5. Take regular breaks together
Stress can really lower a man’s sperm count and even cause infertility if it persists. So, how about going for regular vacations, outings, and simply enjoying some time out together? Not only will doing so strengthen your bond, but will also alleviate his stress. Win, win, we say.

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male fertility tips
Chill together for the sake his fertility. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Exercise together
Another way to spend some quality time together, reducing stress, and preventing infertility in your partner is to indulge in some exercise. Physical activities like running and swimming boost his sperm count as per a study published in the journal Reproduction.

8. Keep him away from hot baths and tight underwear
Anything that exposes his testicles to excessive heat is a deal breaker. Taking hot baths or friction from tight underwear can do so and destroy his sperm, so you must ensure that THAT doesn’t happen.

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