On Mother’s Day, encourage your mum to prioritise herself with these tips

Published on:10 May 2020, 13:42pm IST
Let’s remind our mothers of the true meaning of self care this Mother’s Day, by teaching them how to treat themselves better.
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Ditch the flowers this Mother’s Day. Rather, help your mother be her happiest self. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

While she is running around taking care of others, the term “self care” might seem frivolous to our mothers. But we as true-blue millennials know how just important caring for oneself is–especially when you juggle cooking with office work, while battling a little something called the covid-19 pandemic.

So, this Mother’s Day, why not collect all the love our darling mothers have showered on us and give it back, by truly giving them the space to take care of themselves.

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This Mother’s Day, let’s help our mothers prioritise themselves by teaching them how to consciously build daily habits that facilitate a healthier and happier self:

1. Set up a mental health date with your mother
While keeping up with our chaotic lives, we may often talk with our mothers covering bases like: “khaana khaya?” But very rarely do we take out the time to ask the simple but powerful question: “Aap kaise ho?”

During this lockdown, let’s use every bit of extra free time to have an open conversation with our moms about their mental health and discuss the importance of opening up. You can even establish a schedule of future mental health dates with her. Or perhaps gift her a journal to pen down her thoughts and worries.

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2. Teach your mom the art of treating herself
Ever noticed how our mothers always ask us what we want to eat, but very often forget to treat themselves? It’s time to change that.

Although, in the beginning, treating or pampering herself might seem ridiculous to her, so you’ve got to hold her hand the first time and consider some joint activities. For instance, the both of you can put your baker hats on and bake a three-ingredient mug cake, just for her. Within minutes she’ll know how pampering herself isn’t hard work, but reaps delicious results.

Mother's Day
Show your mother some love this Mother’s Day by encouraging her how to pamper herself. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Set up an at-home workout station to encourage her to exercise
Mothers and exercise very rarely go together. While your mother might not feel like working out, you’ve got to pull her in. This time instead of giving her a boring lecture on why exercising is important, it’s time you show her how fun it can be.

Choose any physical activity like yoga or Zumba, put on a YouTube tutorial, and get ready for a fun day. Prior to the workout, don’t forget to teach her how to warm-up though. While you’re at it you can also include her friends and relatives (through video calls, of course) to help her feel enthusiastic and motivated about it.

4. Teach her why spa sessions are not indulgence
It’s common for our mothers to only invest in fancy products when there’s a shaadi or other special social gatherings. Consistently following a practice of pampering her skin and hair (read: facials, proper CTM regimes, hair masks, and so on) might drill in the belief that skincare and haircare is not an indulgence, rather essential for good skin and meant to be enjoyed.

Make home-made masks together, give her a nice oil champi, and do an at-home pedicure–and help her relax and feel good about herself. So, this Mother’s Day, teach your mother how to mother themselves and be her happiest self.


  1. Wonderful tips. I started visiting this page only recently. Love the various tips given here. The mother health tips and

  2. Such a wonderful article on mothers day .All mothers are beautiful, caring and always praying for their children. My mother is sixty plus now, and with ageing she got so many physical problems. Our elderly mothers may be suffering due to so many health issues; Knee pain, joint pain, blood pressure, diabetes and many more health conditions come with old age. But being a mother she still works for us, take stress on our problems and do not consider her own health. And this is an amazing idea that we teach our mothers to prioritize their own health and consider her matters. We can encourage her to do or join some healthy activity. Taking her for a spa or a relaxing massage is a great idea. Also I would like to say one more important thing due to our hectic lifestyle and work schedule many times we don’t find much time to speak with our mother. But please take out little time to meet her call her or at least message her saying she is special and you need her.

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