Here are 7 thoughtful gifts to help your parents destress this Diwali

Coronavirus has been extremely stressful but Diwali is here! Gift your parents something meaningful to help reduce their stress levels.
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Shreya Gupta Published: 12 Nov 2020, 11:00 am IST
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We’ve spent almost all year long sitting at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only has it created a sense of monotony in everyone’s life but it has proven to be an extremely stressful time because of how uncertain the future looks right now. From emotional stress to financial burdens, each family has been through a lot.

We’re in that part of the year which is marked with festivities and it is time that we celebrate, without forgetting to practice all the precautions. Diwali is all about lights, sweets and laughter. This year, our parents need us more than ever to celebrate with them. There’s no better way of celebrating than giving them something thoughtful, is there?

Here are 7 gifts that will help reduce their stress and relax them:

1. Aroma diffuser

Imagine your home filled with a nice aroma throughout the day? Gift your parents a diffuser with lavender essential oil to burn in it. Lavender essential oil not only has a pleasant aroma but it is also known to reduce stress and induce calmness. The Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand has also found that people who sniffed lavender oil experienced lower stress levels.

2. Neck massager

Constant mental stress can cause the muscles in the neck to stiffen up. Giving your parents an electric neck massager can be a saviour for them! Also, such massagers are readily available online. Don’t forget to check them out!

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3. A yoga class subscription

Your parents might not be able to go out for their daily dose of physical activity, but how about a yoga session right at home? There are plenty of channels and websites that offer online yoga classes. Various studies, including one published in the International Journal of Yoga, have found that yoga has therapeutic benefits and can help in relieving stress. So, how about giving your parents a yoga class subscription?

4. A box of chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has been in use since ancient times and is one of the world’s most popular herbal teas. Since it contains various phytochemicals, it can very well provide therapeutic effects. A study published in the journal Molecular Medicine Reports found that chamomile tea has a mild sedative effect which helps in calming the nerves and reducing stress.

5. A cosy bedding

Change their bedding with an acupressure or memory foam mattress and pillow. This will give them a more relaxed sleep. Sleep is considered to be a very powerful stress reliever. When your parents are well-rested, they can handle situations better which will further reduce their stress levels.

6. A bar of dark chocolate

If your parents aren’t diabetic, you can very well gift them dark chocolates. The results from a study published in the International Journal of Health Sciences showed a significant reduction in stress when the participants consumed dark chocolate for two weeks.

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All hail dark chocolate! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Dark chocolates do reduce stress, but the ones that are available in the market are also loaded with sugar. So, ask your parents to practice moderation while indulging in it.

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7. A self-care kit

Whether its a spa kit, facial kit or a pedicure kit, give them a self-care kit so that they can take out time for themselves and relax a bit. Engaging in self-care activities results in lower levels of perceived stress and this has been proved by a study published in the journal BMC Medical Education.

A thoughtful gift for Diwali amidst the pandemic can really bring your parents joy and a much-needed break from all the stress.

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