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Have a covid-19 patient at home? Here are 8 things you must keep in mind

It’s not just the patient, but his/her family members who also need to be cautious about certain dos and don’ts.

covid-19 patient
Taking precautions is the first step to combat covid-19 virus. Image courtesy: Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 22 Dec 2020, 10:22 am IST
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It isn’t necessary that if someone in your house has covid, you WILL get the infection. I am saying this because even though I have been tested positive, my mum and husband are both safe. Well, thank god for that. 

But it’s not like I am not on guard. I have been receiving calls from government authorities on a daily basis for my health review – and they’ve asked me to take certain precautions and measures for my family, so that they can stay safe from this virus. 

And when I double checked with an expert, he, too, agreed with the guidelines shared by the officials.

So without further ado, I would like to share all the eight precautions that you and your family should take, if you or anyone else is found to be covid-19 positive

1. It might sound rude, but the reality is that your family members need to maintain distance from the infected person. According to Dr Sushant Chhabra, HOD and consultant at Emergency Medicine, HCMCT Manipal Hospital, Delhi, family members should not go close to the infected person, maintaining six feet distance for sure. Also, they should cover both their mouth and nose with a mask or a cloth.

2. “Do not stay in the same room, an infected person needs to stay separately, and have a dedicated space,” advises Dr Chhabra.

3. The family must ensure not to touch masks or tissues used by the infected person. Dispose them off immediately, after use. Always wear gloves, while doing it, and make sure to throw them away, after use. This will keep virus particles out of the air.

4. Until the report of the infected person is negative, you should not allow any visitors to your place. It is better to stay connected through technology.

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5. Keep on disinfecting the house, multiple times a day. Spray disinfectant on things that you think the infected person might have touched.

6. Family members should also keep a track of their symptoms. They should keep checking their oxygen level, pulse rate, and temperature. If there is any fluctuation then report to the medical facility without any delays.

covid-19 patient
Symptoms of covid-19 might alleviate.

7. It doesn’t matter if the family members are in touch with the infected person or not, they still need to wash their hands regularly. Also, everyone in the family should use separate toilets and bathrooms.

8. Infected people should not be given food in home utensils. Serve food in disposable plates, glasses, etc. In case, disposable stuff is not available, then wash the used utensils properly, and don’t mix them with the other utensils.

Also, because it’s a novel virus, everyone has their own theories, and nuskas to get rid of it. But I would say, better stick to what the doctor says, and don’t try to do everything under the sun, otherwise the virus can go haywire.

So friends, my mother and I are religiously following all these guidelines to the T, and thankfully, she hasn’t shown any symptoms of coronavirus, until now. In case, there is a case around you, then spill the beans and help them out.

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