Embrace these 6 tips to never let your grandparents feel left out

Spare sometime for your family, especially your grandparents as they need you the most as they age.
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Parmita Uniyal Published: 22 Feb 2022, 18:00 pm IST
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If there is anybody in the world who would give you undivided attention and shower you with unlimited love, it’s your grandparents. Be it telling you a fresh story every day, convincing your parents to spend on your latest indulgence, or just giving you company when nobody is around, grandparents have been always there for us.

While they give us all the love in the world, they would probably never share how lonely they may feel and may not tell communicate their own needs. The truth is our grandparents wouldn’t mind a little pampering and even small things done by you can bring a lot of happiness in their life.

Here are 6 ways you can make your grandparents feel special, suggested by Kashika Gulati, Counselling Psychologist & Holistic Healer, Dr. Bakshi’s Healthcare.

Spend quality time with them

Everyone wants to be loved, so is the need of our grandparents. With old age, our grandparents may face certain health issues and because of that they may tend to get irritated. They may also feel lonely in general. So don’t hesitate in spending some time with them every day and enjoy their company.

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Help your grandparents stay active, both mentally and physically. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Take them out to eat or cook for them

Cooking something special for someone is a great way to show them love and is a very intimate gesture. Your grandparents may have cooked for you for years, it is time for you to make them feel special. So, take them out to eat, or even better, make the effort to cook for them.

Buy them something

Everyone loves to get surprises and gifts, not for materialistic gains, but because it shows the effort. Give them surprises and show them love through different means. Buy something which you know they would value.

Plan family gatherings

With time, elderly may not be accumulating as many memories as they used to do before. Spending time with the whole family and making new memories together is a great way to help everyone feel connected.

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Talk to them regularly if you can’t go and meet them in person. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Be respectful and listen to them

Listening to them, their stories, their concerns could be a great way to make them feel loved. Ensuring you are respectful to them can go a long way in making them feel special.

Express gratitude

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts. It only makes the bond stronger. So go on thank them for the smallest things they do for you.

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