Can’t get your parents to exercise? Here are 7 ways to encourage them to be active

Does the possibility of your parents exercising seem like a rare reality? Here are 7 ways to give your parents motivation to do that much-needed workout.
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It’s time to encourage your parents to strap in their workout gear to keep their brain stimulated. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Published: 18 Mar 2020, 14:19 pm IST
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With ageing our parents’ bodies start getting weaker and lots of health issues knock at their door. Sadly, adulthood comes with having to go through it.

However, just like a good workout can solve most problems in life, it can solve this one too. We mean, apart from keeping your body and mind healthy as you go through the pain of watching your parents age, a good workout for your parents can help them sail through the ageing process more smoothly. After all, blood circulation, heart health, good mood, and a healthier brain are some of the countless benefits of exercise that your parents must reap too.

So, here’s how you can encourage them to exercise and work towards building a better health for themselves: 

1. Practice what you preach
Make ‘em practice with you. It’s time to make your parents your workout buddy. Watching you exercise can motivate them to do so too. Another motivational factor that’ll drive them here is that they get to spend some quality time with you while working on their health.

Motivate them to exercise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Bring in the social element
Perhaps, there’s nothing more than your aged mommy enjoys than to simply chit chat with fellow women about life, about other people’s lives, about their best-kept recipes, and whatnot! And there’s nothing more than a discussion about shares and their “pind” that daddy dear enjoys.

Now imagine, how combining this social element with exercise can motivate your parents to actually look forward to their workouts. A group yoga class or a group walk or a group dance class is probably something that can bring in that spark to exercise in your parents.

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3. Gym instructor can class lagao them at home
Sometimes, a strict disciplinarian watching over us and making sure we perform our tasks well can be a great driving force. So, in case you don’t have the time to be your parents’ workout instructor, get them a professional one. This way, there will be someone to make sure that their stance is correct and that they’re regular with their workouts. Plus, with the instructor visiting them every day, they will not even have to worry about dressing up to step out for a workout—in case they’re lazy in life.

4. Throw ‘em a progress party every now and then
The simple reward strategy can work wonders for your parents too. Tracking their progress and appreciating them for the same through a cozy family dinner or a house party with their favourite people or simply a gift can really help stay on track of their fitness journey.

kidney disease
Tell your parents that a kidney disease in the elderly could also signify heart issues. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Bring in the awareness
Probably, your parents exercise out of the fear from the doctor’s warnings and instructions. So, you’ve got to sit with them and educate them about the many health benefits of exercise. That’s not it. Tell them how workouts can boost the level of the happy hormones (endorphins) in the body and improve their mood too.

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6. Cash in on their spirituality
As opportunistic as this way sounds, but your parents’ affinity towards religion and God at that age can help them get more than just their peace of mind and satisfaction. It can help them get a healthy body and a sound mind too. How? Well, encouraging them to walk till the mandir every evening instead of taking a car can be a great form of workout for your parents. Doing yoga or some stretches with bhajans playing in the background can work too. Try it to believe it.

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7. Make sure they aren’t bored
Depending on whether or not your parents are open to changes, you can encourage them to try different forms of workout, so that they’re never bored. Walking for the first month, yoga in the second, gym in the third, and a dance class in the fourth. Or simply a mixture of them all in a week. Whatever it is that drives them out of their beds and works towards their bodies, works well.

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