Best thermometers for babies: Top 6 picks for you!

Searching for easy-to-use and accurate thermometers for babies? Here are some of the best thermometers for babies you can buy.
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Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 24 Apr 2024, 20:30 pm IST
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Babies are more vulnerable to catching a fever than adults. It is crucial to keep track of their body temperature to keep the fever down. You can’t wait for the fever to soar high to check the temperature, it is important to check it when the child feels warm. This is where a thermometer comes in handy. Here are some of the best thermometers for babies handpicked for you that will help you record the temperature of your baby in an easy and convenient way.

6 best thermometers for babies

Here are some of the best thermometers for babies that are completely safe for your little ones.

1. Dr Trust Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer for Babies

This thermometer scans and catches naturally released infrared heat and then measures ambient temperature. These measurements are then combined with arterial heat balance software to determine body temperature. It features an LCD screen, two color-coded backlights, 30 results memory, and colour-coding. It includes a dual mode that allows it to measure in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. In addition, it has a fever warning that activates when the temperature rises too high and a red LCD backlight.

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2. AccuSure Non-Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer for baby

This AccuSure forehead thermometer is suitable for all ages. It can take your body temperature rapidly and without physical contact. It is an excellent option for families, nurseries, clinics, and schools. In addition, the forehead digital infrared thermometer uses cutting-edge infrared technology to rapidly acquire the target temperature, analyse the data intelligently, and display the result in less than 0.5 seconds.

3. AccuSure Waterproof instant flexible and Soft tip Digital Thermometer

This digital soft and flexible tip makes it break-free and helps to get accurate measurements. Simply, put the thermometer under your baby’s underarm. Wait for a few minutes, it will automatically detect the temperature of the body. Also, it is a waterproof thermometer with a digital LCD. It is also suitable for adults, children, and babies for oral, underarm, or rectal temperature readings.

4. MCP Medical Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun For Fever used for Baby

MCP’s Medical Infrared Thermometer provides temperature readings without needing to come in direct contact. It is specially designed to take the body temperature of a person regardless of room temperature. Simply, point, aim, and measure to get the results you need in seconds. It also features a clear, backlit LED digital display which provides accurate and easy-to-read recordings that can be read even in the dark. Plus, it features a German sensor which helps you get almost instantaneous readings with the quick infrared technology. It is safe, efficient, and completely reliable.

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5. HealthSense Thermometer For Fever

This thermometer is designed ergonomic and engineered with imported German Sensors for enhanced accuracy. It has two modes- forehead and object, to measure the human body and object, liquid or room temperature. Moreover, this product is easy to use. All you have to do is aim the thermometer at the person from a distance, and the reading is generated within a second and is very accurate. It is great for kids who do not want to keep thermometers under their arms or in their mouth for long.

6. K-life DT-01 Digital Body Fever Check Machine for Kids

This thermometer is incredibly easy to use. It comes with just one button for operation and a large display showing data to one decimal place. It is quite comfortable to use under the armpit, in the rectal opening, and in the mouth for all adults, children, and babies. The thermometer will automatically turn off after the testing is over, and it will emit an alert sound when the reading is complete.

How to choose the best thermometers for babies?

Consider the following things before purchasing a baby thermometer:

  • Look for a thermometer that tells the temperature verbally or has a backlit display to make it easier to read at night.
  • Always purchase a device that has a memory feature for tracking temperatures and a fast response time for quick temperature readings.
  • An alarm or colour-coded function that alerts you when a temperature is too high for each age group is recommended.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I check my baby’s temperature with a thermometer?

The armpit temperature is the easiest and most accurate way to measure your baby’s temperature. Simply place the thermometer on the underarm of your baby. Wait for a few seconds until it beeps to know the temperature.

Which type of thermometer is most commonly used by babies or infants?

The recommended technique for babies under three months of age is to use an under-the-arm (axillary) digital thermometer or forehead thermometer.

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