5 best electric wheelchairs for easy and safe movement

Choose the best electric wheelchair for your parents or grandparents to make their movement easy, convenient and safe.
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Gift your grandparents or parents the best electric wheelchairs. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 29 May 2024, 13:15 pm IST
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Limited mobility at any age and stage of life can make independence difficult. It can prevent a person from enjoying the activities they once used to love. For many, even simple physical activities like roaming around in the house become challenging because of health and fitness limitations. This is where electric wheelchairs come into the picture. An electric power wheelchair uses a battery and a motor to facilitate comfortable movement. Unlike manual wheelchairs, electric ones can move around easily without putting in the effort of turning the wheels. They are slightly larger and include a bigger cushion, support and stability. These products for the elderly may also be a safer option as they are less likely to tip over and may also offer more stability over bumps and debris. We have curated a list of the top electric wheelchairs that you may give to the elders of your home to make their lifestyle more active.

5 best electric wheelchairs

Check out this list of the best electric wheelchairs in India and pick the one that suits your preferences:

1. EVOX Electric Wheelchair

Improve the mobility of your grandparents by giving them the best electric wheelchairs for seniors. This one from EVOX might be a good choice as it is specially designed for old age people, patients and the differently abled. It features cushioned seats, which are made of premium quality. The super comfortable seats claim to provide 100 per cent satisfaction. The brand claims that this silver wheelchair has a weight-bearing capacity of 100 kilograms. It also features rubber grip push-up handles, a controller, a flip-up armrest, and an adjustable and detachable footrest. clutch, shockers dual operation manual mode and removable battery box. This wheelchair is easy to fold, may provide optimal support, and prevent secondary health complications associated with immobility like pressure sores and muscle atrophy. The brand also states that this product comes with a 6-month warranty on battery.

2. Antara MobiEasy Electric Wheelchair

Antara MobiEasy Electric Wheelchair is suitable for older people. It might be considered one of the best electric wheelchairs for indoor use as it is lightweight, foldable and portable. This wheelchair comes with a universal controller, has a weight capacity of 130 kilograms and also features 160-degree reclining. It also features comfortable cushioning, nylon upholstery with back packet, height adjustable footrest and armrest. With its 5-speed indicators, pneumatic rear wheels, anti-tippers and safety seat belt, this wheelchair makes for a safe and comfortable option for seniors.

3. Everactive by HCAH Lightweight Automatic Reclining Power Wheelchair

Everactive by HCAH Lightweight Automatic Reclining Power Wheelchair is specially designed for differently abled, old-age people and patients. With its weight-bearing capacity of 120 kilograms and calf strap, this wheelchair promises to offer optimum support and comfort to the legs. It features a flip-up armrest, footrest and Bluetooth remote. This automatic reclining and foldable wheelchair has a reverse warning beep, which makes it user-friendly. It is equipped with an anti-tip wheel for extra safety, a cushion seat, backrest. The charging time of this wheelchair is 4 to 5 hours and it can get charged faster and may run for a longer duration. The brand also claims that this product comes with 6 6-month warranty for the battery and 1 1-year warranty for a wheelchair.

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4. Vissco Wheelchair

The best electric wheelchair for the elderly can make their life easy and comfortable. This one from Vissco promises to provide cushioned seats for 100 per cent satisfaction and comfort. It features a flip-up armrest, detachable footrest, and calf strap and runs on a single lead-acid battery, which offers a driving range of around 12 kilometres on a single charge. This easy-to-operate wheelchair claims to be spine-friendly and features a storage bag, swing-away footrests and anti-tipping wheels.

5. KosmoCare Duramate Light Premium Imported Ultra Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair

KosmoCare Duramate Light Premium Imported Ultra Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair features anti-tippers to prevent the chair from flipping back. It comes with a 7-inch durable heavy-duty PU Castor, rugged rear wheels and a 10 AH battery with a range of up to 20 kilometres per charge. With its dual mode, this wheelchair can be easily switched from auto mode to manual mode. The weight-bearing capacity of this wheelchair is 100 kilograms, has an electromagnetic brake style, and is adjustable and foldable.

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What are the benefits of using electric wheelchairs?

  • Increases mobility: Unlike manual wheelchairs, which require upper body strength and assistance from others, the best electric wheelchair is powered by batteries and can be controlled by a joystick. This ease of control and operation enhances mobility and independence. According to the Canadian Institute of Health Research, power wheelchairs can help improve mobility, and quality of life, and reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Improves the quality of life: By increasing independence and improving mobility, these wheelchairs can help enhance the quality of life. They may help increase confidence, boost self-esteem and create a positive impact on emotional and mental well-being.
  • Offers customisable features: These wheelchairs come with several customisable options to help you meet your needs. They offer different types of seats, adjustable armrests, footrests and anti-tipping wheels to enhance comfort.
  • Reduces physical strain: Electric wheelchairs eliminate the need for manual work, which reduces fatigue and physical strain. These wheelchairs can be a good choice for people with arthritis or muscular dystrophy.
  • Provides safety features: Electric wheelchairs come with several safety features like anti-tip wheels, seat belts and an automatic braking system. These features can help prevent the chair from tipping, contributing to safer and more secure mobility options.
  • Offers technical features: They also have numerous technical features like Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation.

How to choose the best electric wheelchairs?

Here are a few things to remember while buying an electric wheelchair:

  • Identify your specific needs, including indoor and outdoor use, terrain and more. It will help you choose the product that aligns with your preferences.
  • Pay attention to the size and weight capacity of the product. It can help gauge the level of comfort that the wheelchair can offer.
  • Choose an electric wheelchair that features a cushioned backrest, seats, adjustable components, and safety features.
  • Pay attention to the battery life of the product. Make sure that the wheelchair can run for a longer duration of time with minimum charging.
  • Make sure to buy an electric wheelchair that comes with control options like joysticks or alternative interfaces.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Are electric wheelchairs good?
    A study published in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation says powered wheelchairs offer safety without reducing the speed of movement of people with disabilities. Along with safety, electric wheelchairs can make your movements easy and comfortable.
  • Which type of electric wheelchair is better?
    Electric wheelchairs are of mainly three types, including rear-wheel, front-wheel and mid-wheel. Rear wheels have four wheels, which provide traction while driving, offer great shock absorption and can be used over rough or softer terrain. Front-wheel chairs have four wheels, wherein the drive wheels are positioned near the front of the chair’s base. They offer a smooth ride and can increase the height of the chair. Mid-wheel chair comes with six wheels to offer increased stability.

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