Worried about old age memory loss? Here are some brain exercises to prevent Alzheimer’s!

Are you worried about losing your memory, as you age? Let’s just say it’s a valid concern! How about trying out some exercises for your brain that will help you in the long run? Let’s go!
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Geetika Sachdev Published: 3 Sep 2021, 12:00 pm IST
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Keeping your brain sharp is as important as maintaining your physique. After all, memory loss is a common occurrence in old age, and that’s the last thing we want to go through, right? But is there any way to prevent the onset of early dementia or Alzheimer’s? The answer is YES! There are certain brain exercises that are said to be helpful in keeping you mentally active. Let’s find out how effective they are! 

Are brain exercises truly effective to prevent memory loss or Alzheimer’s?

Although there’s very little evidence to prove if brain exercises work, we already know it is essential to keep the mind active. So, try solving crossword puzzles or play word or other games to keep your mind engaged. This may help to slow down memory loss and other related issues,” says Dr Samar Gupta, a Delhi-based neurologist. 

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A study that involved 2,800 participants, aged 65 and older, who engaged in 10-hour-long brain training sessions for five to six weeks showed an improvement in their memory, reasoning as well as speed of processing information, for the next five years. Moreover, there was improvement, even in the way they carried out their daily tasks. 

But how much does it help in prevention of age-related memory loss? Let’s find out!

Are brain exercises helpful when it comes to prevention?

According to a study, exercising the mind helps to reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s. Even if someone goes through it, the symptoms are not as pronounced. That’s exactly why challenging the mind from time to time is critical, even if they fall prey to the disease. In this manner, the decline of thinking skills happens gradually. 

brain exercises for Alzheimer’s
Older adults with Alzheimer’s disease can greatly benefit from exercise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
But are there any specific exercises that must be done?

YES! According to Dr Gupta, “It is all about keeping your brain active. It could be something as simple as eating food with your hands. You could also try and learn a new language, play board games with your kids, or try out a new sport with your family. Working on crossword, number games or puzzles is always a good idea. Also, signing up for any course can also help,” adds Dr Gupta. 

When the brain is challenged, the amount of brain cell damage reduces, and the growth of new nerve cells happens. Although there is no sure shot way to prevent Alzheimer’s, delaying its onset is always an option! 

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