6 lifestyle changes you absolutely must make your ageing parents adopt

For the well-being of your parents, help them adopt these simple yet necessary lifestyle changes, today.
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Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:24 pm IST
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It starts with your otherwise-hale-and-hearty mom and dad being unable to read without their spectacles, culminates into a pain in the joints every now, until they can’t do day-to-day activities like they used to. And before you know it, tables turn and the same parents, who took care of you, need all the care in the world.

Trust me, watching your parents grow old is tougher than words can explain. But what’s even more difficult is to see them lose themselves to old age. While you can’t stop nature, you can always make sure that your parents are making healthy choices through it all.  

Here are six lifestyle changes you can help them adopt for healthy ageing: 

1. Give them the same healthy diet that they gave yo

The golden rule of maintaining good health is to eat healthily. So, nothing works better than giving your parents a balanced diet. Sit down with them and chalk out a meal plan for the entire week.

However, do keep in mind that with ageing, our bones become weaker and we are at a higher risk of heart problems, blood pressure issues, and diabetes. Just make sure to keep the meals light, clean, and rich in protein, fibre, and calcium.

2. Encourage them to keep moving

The second most obvious mantra is to ensure that they exercise regularly to keep their blood circulation going. Needless to say, strenuous physical activity should be avoided since ageing weakens the muscles and bones. That said, things like yoga, morning and evening walks, and moving around the house must be encouraged.

This can also keep them busy, relieve stress, and make them happy as exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones in the body.

3. Get them a masseuse

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Talking of keeping the blood circulation going and releasing stress, nothing works better than a good massage. Not only can this be therapeutic for your parents, but a massage is also known to be nourishing bones and joints.

4. Pay attention to their medical history

Any decision about your parents’ diet and exercise shouldn’t be made without knowing their medical history. For instance, if either one has diabetes then you might want to cut down on their sugar intake. Similarly, in the case of high cholesterol or blood pressure, you might want to cut down on their fat or salt intake.

5. Make regular check-ups, regular

Regular visits to a general physician along with dentists and opticians can ensure that their overall health is on track. In fact, blood tests done at regular intervals can also help you spot any nutritional deficiencies or abnormalities that can be taken care of and treated on time.

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Take them for regular health check-ups. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Make them feel loved

Mental health of your ageing parents needs just as much attention as their physical health. And nothing can nurture it more than making them feel loved and wanted. This can be done by you spending some quality time with them and by making sure that they have a good social circle.

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