5 genius ways to make that vacation with your ageing parents more enjoyable for them

It’s time to take your parents out for a nice vacation. But before you do that, read this to know how you can make the experience better for them.
how to take vacations with your parents
Adventure might be out there, but allow them time to relax on the vacation as well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Published: 27 Feb 2020, 15:42 pm IST
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Remember when you were little, your parents would take you for a holiday just so you could grow up watching the beauty of Mother Nature? If you think daddy had fun carrying a bag full of diapers, baby food, and milk bottles and mommy enjoyed changing your diapers by the beach side and at the restaurant–you’re obviously highly mistaken.

Now, since you’re all grown up and wise, why don’t you make up for all the times mom-dad had to give clubbing a miss because you weren’t allowed inside or skip a romantic meal together because you were clingy as a child? 

Because you know what? Your elderly parents wouldn’t miss the chance to spend time with you for anything in the world. So take them out on a lovely holiday. And while you’re at it, here’s how you can make your vacation extra-special and super-fun for them:

1. Visit the past
According to several studies, including this one published in the Journal of Neuroscience, the elderly are more comfortable with the familiar rather than experiencing something new. So, how about planning a holiday to their favourite destination for starters, instead of insisting on visiting a new, unfamiliar territory? Unless, of course, they insist on it themselves.

If not, then you can always bring up those funny stories from the past in your conversations and help them reminisce and cherish old memories too.

2. Say no to a jam-packed itinerary
Your young, frivolous mind might make you want to discover ten places in a day. But remember, this one is for your parents and not for your adrenaline rush, okay? So, keep your schedule somewhat relaxed, so that your parents can keep up and most importantly—enjoy as well.

how to take vacations with your parents
Let them enjoy everything at their own pace. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Bear in mind, the frequent eating and peeing breaks, the slower pace, and their reduced stamina.

3. Take a chill pill
Not literally, d-uh! What we mean is that you’ve got to keep some time aside for relaxation too and choose a hotel accordingly.

Look, this is the time when you and your parents can let go of the stress and spend some quality time together. And enjoying in-house facilities at the hotel like the board-game sessions, well-laid-out buffets, swimming, massages, and yoga sessions etc can make your parents and you really, really happy, trust us.

4. Spartan up and smarten up
As you gear up for your holiday, don’t forget to pack all the possible medicines your parents might need. Some doctor-recommended emergency back-ups for an in-flight inconvenience to your parents as well as the one caused by a sudden habitat or climate change can help you a great deal.

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5. Give your smartphones a break
There’s no point in going out for a vacation with your parents if all you will end up doing is to dig your head inside your phone and be with them just for the heck of it. Think of it as a social detox, so you can spend some quality time with your ageing parents.

If you still can’t keep your hands off the phone, you might as well utilise them to click lots and lots of pictures with your parents and capture those beautiful memories.

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