National Sports Day: 5 benefits of introducing your child to sports at a young age

Do you stop your kids from going out and playing sports? Here are 5 reasons how sports can help with a child’s development.
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Playing sports from an early age can bring a huge difference to a child's life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Updated: 29 Aug 2022, 16:03 pm IST
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As parents, we are always worried about inculcating the right values in our children. And even research has shown it is better that these values get conditioned into their system as early as possible. This National Sports Day, we are here with 5 values you can inculcate in your children by introducing them to sports at a young age.

There are many benefits of sports for kids as it gives them a way to use their energies in the right direction. Kids are always bobbing up and down due to their high energies which often leads them to get into trouble, but sports can be a great outlet for them.

Here are 5 benefits of sports for kids:

1. Mental and physical health

Children go through a process of mental and physical development and sports can push them in the right direction. Playing various sports, no doubt helps them stay physically fit and keeps them away from child obesity. It also helps them in building their coordination and body balance. Mentally, sports helps them learn how to deal with failures and it also helps them learn how to stay calm when under pressure.

2. Teamwork

Playing team sports such as basketball, football, cricket, etc. helps children to learn the importance of teamwork. They learn to value each and every player, treat them with respect and work with them together. This skill will come in handy at every stage of their life. When they are in school, college or in office space. It is always good to be a team player!

benefits of sports for kids
Children learn to be part of a team by playing sports! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Develops discipline

Sports instills a sense of discipline in the kids. As an athlete they need to often wake up early for practices. They learn to be on time and get into the habit of exercising from a young age. They will learn self-control when they have to follow a particular diet and push themselves even if they are tired. This just adds to making them mentally strong and learning to stay disciplined.

benefits of sports for kids
Sports activity also makes kids exercise and stay disciplined with it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Social skills

Children these days spend too much time on their phones, and it tends to make them extremely anti-social. They don’t find the need to step out of the house and make friends. But playing a sport gives them a chance to interact with a large group of people with shared interests which makes it easier for them to make friends. They learn some social skills and feel like they belong somewhere which will make them grow into an emotionally secure person.

benefits of sports for kids
Sports helps kids fight loneliness and make friends. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Self-esteem

Sports can help your child in building their self-esteem and confidence. Successfully winning a match or achieving a set goal will help them feel more confident in their skills and abilities. Encouragement from their coach and praise from their teammates will also help develop their self-esteem.

So, let your children play to their heart’s content and let them grow!

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