5 practical ways to help your partner quit smoking once and for all!

This one is for everyone who is worried about their partner’s health and excessive smoking. Here’s how you can practically make them quit this unhealthy habit.
how to quit smoking
Cigarette-smoking addiction can wreak havoc on your overall health. Image Courtesy: GIPHY
Sonakshi Kohli Published: 23 Dec 2019, 05:00 pm IST
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The thing about love is that it comes with some amount of pain too. Not just because of the fights and differences you might have with your partner, but also because you get to see the one you love in trouble.

This pain can increase ten folds if you know the trouble is as serious as a cigarette-smoking addiction. After all, we all know how smoking cigarettes can cause different cancers, respiratory issues, and heart-related problems.

But don’t lose hope just yet because you can make them quit this habit in an effective way. Here’s how:

1. Make the house a no-smoking zone
Channel your inner artist and put up no-smoking posters if need be. Take charge and simply make sure there’s no room for smoking in the house. A 2007 study established that people are more likely to quit smoking when they’re restricted from doing so in the house.

2. Distract your partner
Whether it involves taking your partner out for a walk, a romantic drive, or a good session in bed–do whatever it takes to distract your partner from lighting up that poisonous stick.

how to quit smoking
Engage your partner in different activities other than smoking.
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3. Boost their morale
It’s important to understand that it’s difficult for your partner to give up their addiction. But you can ease the pressure by rewarding them with some massage or a gift. Apart from this, you can also give them some verbal appreciation every time they successfully abstain from giving in to the temptation.

4. Stop emotionally blackmailing him  
Come on, people! Your partner is already struggling with nicotine pangs. Don’t make it worse by bringing in the emotional attyachar and planting thoughts like “Smoking means you don’t love me” in their and your head. Talk and communicate your concern for their health instead.

5. Be with the right people
It’s important to be surrounded by people who support his/her restraint and endeavour to quit smoking. Needless to say, not being around people who smoke can help keep the temptation away too.

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While treading through this entire journey can be extremely exhausting, you must aim at motivating your partner towards a healthy goal.

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