5 brain games to boost brain health in your child

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your kid that will not only be fun but help them learn new things? You've landed on the right page! Here are 5 fun and interesting brain games for kids that they can enjoy.
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These are some of the best brain games for children. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Arushi Bidhuri Updated: 18 Mar 2024, 09:53 am IST
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Selecting gifts for kids can sometimes be a tiring task, mostly because there are too many options out there that confuse you. Regardless of the age group, it can be overwhelming to pin it down to one category or one game. One of the best gifts to give your child is brain games as they also offer new ways of learning for kids.

Benefits of brain games for children

These games engage kids’ cognitive abilities, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Since mind games require you to analyse the situation, strategise and find creative solutions, it helps foster kids’ intellectual growth. They enhance memory retention, improve concentration, and boost mental agility. Plus, they are enjoyable and entertaining, making learning a fun and engaging activity for children.

Let’s find out 5 interesting mind games for your kids.

Brain games for kids

We have curated a list of brain games for your kid that you need to get your hands on today!

1. Smartivity Human Body STEM DIY Fun Toys

Perfect for kids aged 6 to 12, this is a fun toy that keeps your kids engaged and educated. With over 80 pieces, children can construct a life-sized model of the human body while learning about its intricate system. Constructing this model promotes critical thinking and fine motor skills. It will also help your kid understand human anatomy. This one is a perfect blend of fun and learning, Smartivity Human Body STEM DIY toys ensure hours of educational entertainment for young minds.

2. Pelikas Toyz Brain Games

If you are looking for a mind game that enhances cognitive skills, what’s better than a sudoku game? This Soduko Game could become your kid’s favourite game that provides endless entertainment on the go. Playing this game will help your kid develop problem-solving abilities and logical thinking while tackling engaging Soduko puzzles. Featuring varying difficulty levels, it offers a progressive learning experience for kids aged 6 and above.

3. FunBlast Rainbow Ball Chess Board Game

Nothing beats chess when it comes to choosing the right mind game! It is a delightful puzzle and matching game for kids. With its vibrant Rainbow Ball design, it will captivate with the challenge and excitement it brings. It goes without saying that this game of chess promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination. With an option to engage in a friendly competition or play solo, this strategy game helps enhance cognitive skills. If you want your kid to have endless hours of fun, this educational game for your young player is the best!

4. Skillmatics Board Game – Rapid Rumble

It is an educational and clever category game that promises exciting game play for kids. From problem-solving skills to vocabulary to critical thinking, The Skillmatics Board Game – Rapid Rumble is an engaging game that provides a fun and interactive way to learn while keeping kids entertained for hours. With the option to zoom in on the game image, children can delve into the details while strategising their moves.

5. The Classic Game of Connect 4 by Hasbro Gaming

If you are looking for that one in all games, the Classic Game of Connect 4 is perfect for your kid! It is a strategic grid-based game in which players take turns dropping coloured discs into the grid, aiming to connect a line of four of their discs before their opponent does. It promotes critical thinking, planning, and spatial reasoning. If you want your kid to engage in a fun and friendly competition, this game is the timeless choice for game nights at home.

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