Best walking sticks for seniors: 5 picks to make their morning walks safe

Gift the best walking sticks for seniors to your parents or grandparents and make their morning walks safe and balanced.
best walking sticks for seniors
Gift the best walking sticks for seniors to your parents or grandparents. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 15 Feb 2024, 15:38 pm IST
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The worst part about growing up is watching your parents and grandparents turn old. As they age, their bones and joints become weak, which increases the risk of falls and even leads to severe health issues. Amid all this, we often tend to request our elders to not go out and by doing this, we contribute to reducing their mobility, which can cause arthritis, ataxia, myoclonus and other diseases. But, what if we say that rather than stopping your loved ones, you can make their morning walks safe by giving them the best walking sticks for seniors? We have curated a list of the best walking sticks for seniors in India so that they can walk safely.

5 best walking sticks for seniors

Pick a gift from the top brands of walking sticks for your parents and grandparents to make their morning walks safe.

1. UCRAVO Folding Cane with LED Light

The UCRAVO Folding Cane With LED Light reduces the risk of injuries caused by vibrations and frictions because of its sponge handle. The second pivoting handle reduces strain on back and legs by creating an equal weight distribution. It also helps with effective sitting and standing. This foldable stick features 4 cane tip protectors, which enhances safety on varying terrain. It also reduces the risk of falling because the canes can stand on their own for quick and easy access. Additionally, the stick promotes safety because it has 6 built-in LED lights on, which serves as a guide in the dark.

2. German Adjustable Walking Stick

The German Adjustable Walking Stick features an orthopaedic style handle that will fit comfortably in the hands. It reduces the pressure on the wrist, which makes it helpful in arthritis. Its ultra lightweight and adjustable features can make your elders’ morning walk easy and smooth. It claims to be durable and states that it can help reduce fatigue.

3. PHYSIQO Walking Stick

If you are looking for a wooden walking stick for elderly, try this one from PHYSIQO. It is a beautifully handcrafted stick featuring a comfortable grip and rubber base, which can provide safety to your loved ones along with enhancing their style statement. This lightweight stick is durable and ensures stability and balance during walks.

4. ZOSOE Portable Aluminium Stick

The ZOSOE Portable Aluminium Stick claims to provide additional support to those suffering from hand pain and arthritis. Its foldable features make it easy to store and carry. The stick features an extra wide pivoting base for stability. Additionally, it has LED lights to ensure safety in the dark. The adjustable height, twin grip handle and different illumination angles make it one of the perfect walking sticks for seniors.

5. MCP Jindal Height Adjustable Walking Stick

This high-quality aluminium walking stick from MCP is the best option for you! Comes with an affordable price tag, this stick is lightweight and sturdy. It features a push button that helps adjust the length. It is perfect for elderly because it gives them extra support because of the suction PVC bush for better grip. Its elegant look and durable design help make your parents or grandparents morning walk less exhaustive.

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Types of walking sticks

There are several different types of walking sticks that suit varied needs.

  • Wooden walking sticks: Made from a variety of different woods like hazel, oak and ash, wooden walking sticks are the popular ones. They are long-lasting and customisable. Besides providing support, wooden sticks also add elegance.
  • Aluminium walking sticks: The aluminium walking sticks are lightweight and strong. They come with an E clip or spring-loaded ball button push that helps adjust the height of the stick. These sticks provide an extra degree of flexibility and convenience.
  • Foldable walking sticks: These types of walking sticks are easy to carry and store. Their foldable design makes it convenient to use. These sticks come in four or five sections that are held together with a strong elastic strap.
  • Non-folding walking sticks: The non-folding walking sticks are suitable for those who use walking sticks on a regular basis. These sticks offer stable and secure support.
  • Specialised walking sticks: There are some walking sticks that are especially designed to support people with specific mobility needs. They come ergonomic handles and adjustable features.
  • Swan neck walking sticks: This kind of walking stick features a curve or a bend just below the handle. It helps centered the weight of the user more evenly over the shaft, which improves mobility.

How to choose the right walking stick?

Choosing the right walking stick for your loved ones can be a task because of varied designs and types. Also, you have to make sure that the stick provides ample support to the elderly. So, consider these points before making the final decision:

  • Walking sticks are available in different materials, from aluminium to wood. Choose the right one considering the priority.
  • Check if the stick is foldable or not. The foldable ones are easy to store and carry anywhere.
  • Opt the one that provides a comfortable hand grip along with ensuring the safety.
  • Check the base of the stick because it ensures the safety of your close ones.
  • See if the stick features an LED light. This special feature can help your grandparents see in the dark.
  • Consider the price of the stick. Make sure the features and the price aligns so that you get maximum benefits in budget.

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