Why do you get black period blood?

Published on:23 May 2022, 09:00am IST

Your period blood is like a chameleon! It means that it can keep changing its colour. At times it’s for the good, but if your period blood has turned black for some reason, it might be a little worrisome.

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You might have forgotten a tampon in your vagina: It might sound ridiculous but there are women who tend to forget a tampon in their vagina. As a tampon’s size is so small and youreally don’t feel the presence of it, you can sometimes forget about it. But it is not a nice thing to do because forgetting a tampon can lead to the growth of bacteria in your vagina, which further leads to vaginal infections and of course black period blood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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It can be an early sign of missed miscarriage: Unfortunately, it’s true. When your embryo stops growing in the womb but it is not out of your body, black spotting can be experienced. Most of such cases end up in miscarriage. There are not many other symptoms of miscarriage but black spotting is the most prominent one. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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You can also discharge black blood during postpartum bleeding: Technically, this is known as lochia. This is basically postpartum bleeding and is very normal. Lochia starts with bright coloured blood and then later it turns black or dark. If we talk about the duration, it depends from person to person. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Retained menses is another reason for black period blood: Have you ever heard of the term hematocolpos? Well, it means when your period blood is not discharged for quite a long time. It also means there is some kind of blockage in your hymen, cervix, or vagina. Unfortunately, there are not many symptoms that can point to the blockage and in severe cases, it can also develop into amenorrhea. So, if you see black spotting regularly then you must seek help. Image courtesy: Shutterstock