How to keep your bones healthy and strong this winter?

Published on:2 January 2024, 16:48pm IST

Bones are prone to fractures and damage during the winter season. But bone health is easier to maintain than you think. Here are some tips to maintain bone health during the cold season.


It goes without saying that exercising regularly is a boon for your health. Did you know your bones lose mineral density as you grow older? Exercising every day helps you maintaindensity and keep your bones strong. It also helps increase joint mobility, which contributes to improving overall bone health. Plus, it will keep your weight in check, another factor that contributes to weak bones. Image courtesy: Freepik

Load up on vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for your bones. It is required to help your body absorb calcium, an essential nutrient for your bones. People who lack vitamin D may even developweak bones, skeletal deformities, and posture problems. It may even lead to bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Stay hydrated

If you avoid drinking water during winter and rely on warm drinks - you need to stop! While some drinks can help you stay hydrated, no one can replace water. It is vital to drink plenty of water every day to not only keep your bone health in check but your overall health as well. A lack of water can lead to pain and inflammation in the bones, which can worsen in winter. The best way out is to drink plenty of water. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Eat more protein

Protein is another essential micronutrient for your bones. Did you know that 50 percent of your bones are made up of protein? You must include protein-rich foods that benefit yourbone health. Include foods high in meat, poultry, fish, and dairy foods to meet your daily protein requirement. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Stay warm

Cover yourself in winter! Wear thick garments or multiple layers to not let the cold weather affect you. It will help you maintain your body temperature by reducing the effect of the weather on the joints and bones. Plus, it will keep you warm and keep your overall health in check. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Include calcium in your diet

Calcium is a mineral associated with healthy bones. Not getting enough bones can lead to weak, brittle bones and make you prone to more fractures. Dairy products, salmon, sardines,soy products, broccoli, kale, and almonds are some of the good sources of calcium you can include in your diet. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Avoid smoking

While smoking is often associated with lung cancer, it can also cause bone health issues like osteoporosis. So, smoking reduces the blood supply to bones, as it does to many otherparts of the body. Plus, the nicotine in cigarettes slows the production of the cells responsible for forming bones. Smoking too much can cause you to make less bone, making you prone to fractures and diseases like osteoporosis. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock