Meet Bollywood's 7 mental health warriors

Published on:8 October 2022, 10:30am IST

World Mental Health Day 2022: Scroll down to know about Bollywood celebrities who have battled their mental health problems with courage. They also motivate their fans to open up about their issues to heal better,

Deepika Padukone mental health awareness 1/7

Deepika Padukone was diagnosed with depression in 2014.

Anushka Sharma mental health 2/7

In 2015, Anushka Sharma shared her ordeal with mental health in an interview with Vogue. She shared her anxiety issues and how it is a “normal thing” that people should talk about.She further shared her interest in educating people about anxiety disorder. Image courtesy: Instagram | Anushka Sharma

Ileana body dysmorphia 3/7

How many times have you validated your fears by asking people about how you look? Sounds familiar? Illeana D’Cruz has been battling with the same problem for a long time. Medically, this condition is called body dysmorphia. It is a psychological condition that makes a person find flaws in their body. Ever since, the actress encourages people to talk about their mental health issues. Image courtesy: Instagram | Ileana D'Cruz

Hrithik Roshan mental health 4/7

Reports suggest that Hrithik has reportedly had two major episodes of depression in the past. These also resulted in major weight gain for the actor. However, he sought help and treatment for his condition. Hrithik makes a point of sharing his knowledge and breaking the stigma attached to mental health – one of the reasons he is part of the #EverydayHeroes mental health awareness campaign. Image courtesy: Instagram | Hrithik Roshan

Parineeti Chopra 5/7

During the promotion of her movie Jabariya Jodi, Parineeti Chopra described depression as being “sucked into a black hole.” She shared that 2014 and 2015 were the worst years of her life, where she used to cry 10 times a day, and was always upset until she overcame that phase with the help of her loved ones. Image courtesy: Instagram | Parineeti Chopra

Richa Chadha mental health 6/7

Richa Chadha has always urged people to talk about mental health. The actress highlighted the importance of talking about mental health in 2020 when the world was reeling againstcoronavirus. She urged people to take “good care of the mind along with the body.” Image courtesy: Instagram | Richa Chadha

Randeep Hooda 7/7

During the promotion of Sarbjit, Randeep Hooda opened up about battling depression for a while after Highway. He shared that the “big hangover” after Sarbjit lingered on. The method actor also shared his struggle post-filming Highway saying that sometimes you have to go through such things at times. Image courtesy: Instagram | Randeep Hooda