Happy Janmashtami: 5 skills to learn from Lord Krishna

Updated on:23 August 2022, 13:34pm IST

Lord Krishna is an epitome of dharma and devotion. Being a role model for many, he still continues to inspire modern mankind with his karmic deeds. On Janmashtami 2022, let’s take a look at some of Lord Krishna's inherent traits and qualities that we should all imbibe for a meaningful life.


Lord Krishna is better known as the God of children. Just like children are naïve, innocent, and full of life, our Krishna is no different. Today’s moms still regale their childrenwith cute childhood stories about the early life of Lord Krishna. His happy nature and colorful expressions taught us to not get knocked down by the predicaments of our life. Krishna’s life was full of adversities, but he never failed to live his life nothing less than a celebration.


Who can forget the legendary friendship between Krishna and Sudama? Krishna adored Sudama from his childhood days. He spent most part of his early years with him, though years andfortune forced them to part ways. Even when Krishna met Sudama in his later life, a gift of beaten rice from Sudama’s wife meant more than any luxury Krishna relished. Alongside, he was a great friend to Draupadi and appeared to save her dignity from the Kauravas with one cry for help. In our modern world, relationships have lost their depth and meaning. If we become open-hearted and modest like our Krishna, we can always shower unconditional love on our dear ones to build meaningful relationships.


The entire Bhagwad Geeta surrounds how Lord Krishna dealt with the Pandava army of soldiers and warriors. In those times of the dharma crisis, he emerged as a great influencer andleader. His masterful mind and strategy helped all emerge from the dilemma fruitfully. Similarly, we should learn in today’s modern world to cope with difficulties by staying calm and focused like our Krishna.


There is no end to the mischievousness of Lord Krishna. Best known as “Makhan Chor” in his childhood days, he spared no chance to steal butter whenever his mother was out of sight.Also, we can laugh talking about how he used to hide the clothes of Gopi’s when they went for a bath in the river. This teaches us to keep the child in us alive and breathing. There is no age to play naughty with our loved ones and splurge happiness in everyone’s lives.


Lord Krishna spent a very simple life, spending most of it in Gokul, a cow village, before moving to Vrindavan. Though he was a Vishnu avatar, he led his life like an ordinary manand nurtured relationships with the simple human beings of Gokul. His unfathomable love for Sudama he ever remembered even when fortune separated them. His divinity stands unparalleled. Similarly, in today’s glam and glitz of modern life, we have forgotten to live simply. If we learn to stay grounded and be humble to all, irrespective of our status, we end up practicing the greatest of all virtues, kindness.