Bollywood actresses over 40 who are fit as a fiddle

Published on:30 May 2023, 20:00pm IST

Ever wondered how Bollywood actresses keep themselves so fit even after the age of 40. From Shilpa Shetty to Sunny Leone, here are some fitness secrets of these Bollywood divas you should know.

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Shilpa Shetty Kundra: She is actually one of the first Bollywood actresses who advocated the benefits of yoga for health. Even before it gained prominence on social media. And no brownie points for guessing, but the actress keeps herself by practising yoga every day. Despite having endless projects on her hands, the 47-year-old makes sure to keep up with her fitness schedule. As for her secrets, the actress has revealed that she begins her day with a workout. She makes sure she stretches every day. This is followed by eating a balanced and healthy breakfast. The key to sticking to a healthy diet and fitness regimen is treating herself to some guilt-free treats every once in a while. Image courtesy: Instagram/theshilpashetty

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Malaika Arora: One of the fittest Bollywood divas, Malaika does not compromise with her fitness regimen. The 49-year-old loves doing yoga, cardio, weight-lifting, Pilates, HIIT, and several other exercises to keep herself fit. When she does not feel a little lazy about working out, she does stretches but never misses a day at the gym. Did you know Malaika is a faithful believer in Ayurveda? She eats a healthy diet that focuses on making the connection between your mind, body, and soul. Image courtesy: Instagram/malaikaaroraofficial

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Kareena Kapoor Khan: Going from being slightly chubby to size zero to losing postpartum weight, Kareena Kapoor Khan is at her absolute fittest at 42 year. She includes different types of workout in her fitness regimen. Did you know Kareena is a big fan of kickboxing? She approaches fitness with an open mind and believes in doing what she loves. For her, sticking to a healthy and sustainable diet regime is key to staying fit. Apart from kickboxing, the Laal Singh Chaddha actress also does Pilates, yoga, and resistance training to stay in shape. Image courtesy: Instagram/kareenakapoorkhan

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Sushmita Sen: If you are familiar with Sushmita Sen's Instagram account, you will know that the 47-year-old does a variety of workout routines to stay fit. Always open to trying new things, she does aerobics, resistance training, Pilates, and yoga. She always makes it a point to stay true to her diet regimen. She keeps a distance from crash dieting and takes a holistic approach when it comes to nutrition. As per the actress, eating a balanced diet which comprises proteins, carbs, and fats, is important to keep yourself fit and healthy. Image courtesy: Instagram/sushmitasen47

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Sunny Leone: Starting her day with her favourite meal, Sunny loves eating a healthy breakfast that usually includes juice and oatmeal. She sticks to vegan recipes mostly for dinnerand lunch. As for her fitness regimen, the 42-year-old likes to have variety in her routine. Aerial yoga, swimming, running, resistance training, and core strengthening exercises are all part of her fitness routine. Image courtesy: Instagram/sunnyleone

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Preity Zinta: The 90s favourite next-door girl, Preity makes sure she is working out most of her days to stay fit. As it turns out, she mostly does Pilates to stay in shape. But her fitness regimen also involves cardio and resistance training. As for her diet, the 48-year-old believes in portion control. She also chooses healthy alternatives to eating unhealthy carbs. She likes to eat raw fruits, instead of drinking juices. She also believes in mindful eating, wherein you chew slowly and relish every bite without any distractions. Plus, she sticks to the age-old trick of drinking lots of water. Image courtesy: Instagram/realpz

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Nargis Fakhri: For the 43-year-old, yoga and stretching is important to start the day. From cardio to strength training to Pilates, Fakhri includes different exercises in her workout routine. She is often seen lifting weights and running in her Instagram videos. She even practises full-body strength exercises like boxing. She eats a healthy and low-calorie diet. However, she also treats herself to some cheat meals. She pays more attention to eating right when she doesn't work out. Image courtesy: Instagram/nargisfakhri