7 types of self care every woman deserves

Updated on:29 July 2022, 07:08pm IST

Self care is the need of the hour. There can be many types of self care, says Divya Robin, a therapist who runs the Instagram page mindmatterswithdiv.


You may feel better about yourself and be more confident while facing unforeseen difficulties and relationship obstacles by taking care of your emotional well-being. It could encourage adaptability, resilience, and the capacity to handle the unavoidable obstacles of life.Rest, healthy boundaries, good self-talk, and mindfulness and acceptance are the four main components of emotional self care.


It enhances our physical health, raises our standard of living, and guards against physical and mental sickness. We get more familiar with one another and have access to more services that promote our well-being.It enhances one's relationship with oneself and those around them. Because when we take care of ourselves, we can be joyful, love ourselves, and enjoy the world around us more.Get enough of rest, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and maintain good personal cleanliness. Take care of your sexual well-being, enjoyment, and self-pleasure. Do some exercise, sustainability and attention to the environment.


Be aware of your values. Professional self care helps you feel good about yourself, builds your self esteem and promotes a positive relationship with oneself. Self care is also required to remind you that you and your needs are as important as those of others.Despite popular assumption, workaholism is not a virtue. You may become less productive, disorganised, and emotionally burdened as a result of overworking yourself.While occasional stress might help us push ourselves to meet deadlines or complete tasks that have piled up, ongoing stress and worry can be harmful to your mental and physical health.Try to spend five minutes in meditation or deep breathing, Pause when you feel like it, choose who you spend time with, Laugh out loud a minimum of once per day, Consistently consume green foods, keep emotional eating at bay, journal, acquire the ability to refuse, and quit overanalyzing.


Our general well-being and happiness depend on our ability to spend time with friends and family. You may create a network of individuals to assist you in both good and bad times by taking care of your social needs.


Self care may improve your energy levels, reduce your risk of sickness, and help you manage stress when it comes to your mental health. The impact of even modest daily self-care actions can be significant.A regular routine helps you feel more in charge of your life, makes it easier for you to deal with change, and reduces stress. A routine is a terrific method to establish new, healthy habits and ensure that you take daily time for self care.


Why is financial well-being crucial? Money matters on a penny-for-penny basis. A sense of financial stability and independence can be attained through achieving financial wellbeing. It implies that you might not need to be concerned about an unexpected emergency, job loss, or career shift that could have an immediate negative influence on your income.


Finding and fostering a sense of connectedness to a higher power and purpose for our life is what we mean when we say that we are practising spiritual self-care. It's crucial to nourish your body with food, just as it's crucial to nourish your soul with spirit. There are several spiritual communities and avenues for help.A spiritual self-care routine helps to quiet the mind and soothe internal turmoil, creating space for you to start experiencing and respecting the desires of your heart and mustering the strength to make the necessary changes for the better.