Craving sugar after meals? Here's how to stop

Published on:21 April 2023, 03:00pm IST

It is normal to have sugar cravings after a meal sometimes. However, if it happens to you regularly, here's how you can put a stop to your cravings to avoid complications.a

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Brush your teeth: Believe it or not, brushing your teeth before hitting the sack can help you keep your sugar cravings in check. Since the toothpaste's flavour will linger in the mouth for a while and may clash with other flavours. By the time it passes, you might have coped with your urges effectively. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Have dinner hours before bedtime: You tend to crave sugar close to supper time. Studies have shown that having an early dinner around 7 can help avoid cravings. Ideally, you shouldeat 2-3 hours before going to bed might help you overcome hunger and go to sleep feeling satisfied. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Avoid carbs: While not all carbs are bad, simple carbohydrates and those high in glycemic index are not so good for you. They are quickly absorbed and trigger the pancreas to release insulin, which can cause your blood sugar levels to drop. Particularly those who are prediabetic or diabetic are more susceptible to these blood sugar changes, which can leave you feeling weak, shaky, queasy, or exhausted. This may prompt you to look for a sweetened snack. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Don't eat too fast: Regardless of how busy you are, you should not be eating your meals too fast. Did you know eating too fast can make you feel hungry and lead to cravings? Most of what we taste comes from our sense of smell, so when we "inhale" our food, we don't give ourselves enough time to take in all the scents. Hence, our capacity to appreciate food and gain pleasure from the eating experience is limited. Not only does it increase cravings, but it can lead to other health problems as well. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Mind the portion size: Instead of cramming it all in one meal, divide your meal into smaller portions that can be eaten in intervals of 3-4 hours. If you know that craving would hit, keep some dry and fresh fruit with you for a quick bite. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Eat a balanced diet: Eat foods that are high in fibre and protein, and will take longer to digest. When you eat foods that take longer to digest, you would be able to avoid hungerpangs. Feeling fuller will help you quench sugar cravings and keep you from indulging in sweets. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Try to curb your cravings naturally: If trying the above-mentioned methods doesn't work, you can go natural with your cravings. You can have orange juice, some strawberries or dried cranberries, or anything that you like, which is natural to curb the cravings. You can also try recipes like homemade pudding to fight the cravings. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock